Every #1 Country Single of the Eighties: Don Williams, “We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin'”

“We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin'”

Don Williams

Written by Dave Loggins

Radio & Records

#1 (2 weeks)

March 7 – March 14, 1986

God it’s good to have Don Williams back on top.

His first No. 1 since the summer of 1984 is one of his finest efforts. “We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin'” is country music by and for adults.  Yes, they’re going to get it on before the night is through.  But there’s no rush because just being with each other in the home they’ve built is good enough.

A title that could’ve easily been a double entendre never gets there because of Williams’ performance.  He’s so classy and understated that he can’t bring that layer of the lyric to the surface.  And that’s a good thing because it would’ve undermined the beautiful intimacy that he’s created here.

Co-producer Garth Fundis doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the work he’s done before he reached his career high with Trisha Yearwood in the nineties and beyond.  Every element that makes for a great Yearwood record is already here: tasteful production, nuanced lyrical interpretation, and a flawless vocal performance.  Our nineties fans who have stuck around for this series would find great joy delving into the Don Williams catalog.

“We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin'” is written by Dave Loggins, who was having a hell of a run by 1986.  This is the ninth No. 1 hit he’s written in less than three years.  It’s remarkable how potent the impact is when Loggins’ writing is paired with an A-list vocalist and a talented producer.  I just can’t say enough how great this record is.

“We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin'” gets an A. 

Every No. 1 Single of the Eighties

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    • I remembered liking that Don Williams tribute album well enough, but I didn’t have any recollection of Lady [Redacted] being on it. Going back to re-listen, I agree that they did a super solid job on this one– that Charles Kelley sang lead instead of Hillary Scott surely helped. Like Williams, they downplayed the potential horniness of the lyric, which is also kind of their m/o, so it was a good match for them. Glad you brought that cover into the discussion, Leeann!

  1. Fantastic song. Given the discussion of covers, I actually first heard this from an old performance with Keith Urban and Dave Loggins himself, with Little Big Town on background harmony. Can’t seem to find it on youtube now, but the song itself is one of those Don Williams tracks that’s endured for me.

  2. Dave Loggins name has been showing up a lot in the songwriting credits!

    As for this song, Williams delivers a warm, mature, and commanding vocal of Loggins’ gorgeous lyrics.

    This relaxed Williams’ performance comforts and soothes with complete confidence and conviction.

    I had it in my head this was a hit from much earlier in the decade.

    It feels right at home in 1986.

    Thank you, Don Williams.

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