1. I’m not sure how the nomination change will affect things. I have much less of a problem with these than the ACM Entertainer of the Year being fan voted.

    Obviously, no artist would survive without fans, but it totally ruins any real integrity of the most prestigious award of the show.

  2. This is sort of related. What do you guys think are the chances of Trisha Yearwood’s album being nominated for album of the year? Will the new voting process make it more difficult for artists on independent labels to get nominated?

  3. That’s an interesting question…I’d like someone who understands the process more to comment on what the change in the nomination process means. Will it make it easier or harder for independent/smaller acts to win/be nominated?

  4. I’m no expert, but just my two cents: it seems like having only the top twenty vote-getters will probably favor major-label acts with a lot of push; the smaller acts (or albums or labels, etc.) will likely generate fewer votes on the first ballot and may not make that fist cut. I would absolutely love to be wrong, though.

    I think the name-change is pretty unnecessary. It’s going to result in yet more “New Artist” humor when acts who have been at it for years (like Rodney Atkins this past year) inevitably still get nominated for making big career advancements (which I think they should). “Horizon” was a good name because it didn’t make any sort of specification about the inherent “newness” of the act so it was flexible enough to accommodate newbies and newly-popular veterans and still make sense as a category. And also it just sounded better, in my opinion.

  5. And by the way trying to figure out who the mystery woman I’m missing out of the the remaining 9 without cheating is starting to kill me! I guess I’ll just let myself be surprised.

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