Trace Adkins, “Muddy Water”

Maybe he was helped by his stint in a gospel quartet, but Trace Adkins’ voice sounds like it was specifically made to sing gospel music. He sings this song of redemption with power, but does not cross the line of vocal theatrics. Instead, his voice is strong while sounding as though he is singing with complete ease.

While “Muddy Water” isn’t overwhelmingly engaging, it is very well executed. Furthermore, the production accurately presents the swanky southern rock sound that one might imagine from a song with its title.

Grade: B

Listen: Muddy Water


  1. You’re Gonna Miss This received a B- in its review and ended up number one for weeks, so with a B, Muddy Water is doing well.

    I haven’t heard the studio mix, but have listened to the U-Tube version a dozen times. I love the soul Trace puts into this song, no pun intended.

  2. Laura,

    You probably can’t really compare the two grades too closely, because there are two people who write reviews for the site. I wrote this one and Kevin wrote the review for “Your Gonna Miss This.” While we both try to be as fair as possible with our reviews, I’m sure we grade songs a little differently.

  3. The first time I heard his voice I was hooked. I’ve been an ardent fan for 12 years
    and just love to hear him sing. Muddy Waters gave me butterf;ies and I love it.

  4. Trace is one of a small group of country artists today that can sing songs with such conviction. When he sings and puts so much heart and soul into telling a story you get the sense that he’s actually feeling, or felt, the situation. I have a hard time listening to an artist who’s never experienced parenthood sing about what it’s like watching their child grow up. That’s why I’ll probably always be a fan of Trace’s music. He believes in what he’s singing and it always shows.

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