Friday Open Thread: Personal Theme Song

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Rodney Crowell

Okay, I want to have some fun on this thread, and for good reason: As of 9:35 p.m., EST., I have completed the last of my work for my first Master's degree.     Every big moment needs a song to go with it, so for the next

24 hours, my personal theme song is Rodney Crowell's “Dancin' Circles 'Round the Sun (Epictetus Speaks)”

That's a bit more personal than I usually get on this blog, where I don't even use my last name yet.  But enough about me. I want to hear a little bit about all of you who keep reading and commenting and wisecracking and arguing and every other action verb you can do with a keyboard and a passion for country music.

So share a little detail about yourself and a song that goes with it.  Do you have a personal theme song, or does it change from day to day?



  1. First of all, congratulations!

    My personal theme is probably Dar Williams’ “This Is Not the House That Pain Built.” I first heard the song as a freshman in college who was trying to resolve some personal issues and it immediately struck me, particularly the lyrics “The building is done but the work’s never through/And I won’t give up, no how, it reminds me of who I am and where I am now.” Eleven (yikes – I feel old!) years later it still speaks to me.

  2. I’m not sure if this is my personal theme song, but everytime I feel down I listen to it and that is Josh Turner’s title track from his “Everything is Fine” CD. It’s such a cool down home song that I wish was a hit on radio. It just always cheers me up with the “I’m feeling good and everything is fine” lyric and harmony.

  3. First things first…. CONGRATS to Kevin on that Masters Degree! I know the feeling!

    Great topic and one that will give me something to think about today. Right off, I would have to say “Want To” by Sugarland. Just cuz….. :-)

  4. Sugarland’s – Stand Back Up (Twice the Speed of Light) – Just makes me remember that no matter what happens in life – I just have to stand back up because I can do anything and no matter what I am only human –

  5. well since I had such a looooong week writing super smart scientific data charts :)

    I am headed into the weekend looking to have a good ole time…how bout a little “last name”…

    just kidding!!! (I think)

    p.s congrats on the masters!!! I’m working slowly and steadily towards MD/PHD so I am anxiously awaiting the feeling of completion myself

  6. Hate my job. Thus, “Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck. Yes, it’s not really about a job and “9 to 5” is a better reflection of what work is. But the hook in “Take This Job” says it all in just 6 words.

  7. I have to say “It Happens” by Sugarland. Wacky stuff happens to me a lot, so that song keeps me laughing at myself a lot.

  8. In high school/college:

    “I’m in Hurry (And Don’t Know Why)” – Alabama

    In law school and beyond:

    “(Much Too Young) To Feel This Damn Old” – Garth Brooks


  9. The song that makes me appreciate life is “Blessed” by Martina McBride. Idk if I could choose one for every situation in my life because there are SO many. One that I associate with me a lot is Garth Brooks “The Dance” and Trisha’s “How Do I Live”.

  10. I’m usually a pretty upbeat, positive guy, and I’m usually attracted to upbeat, positive songs. Last month I played the heck out of Emily West’s “Rocks In Your Shoes.” I eat that kind of thing up, usually.

    But right now I’m having some relationship problems, and my current personal theme song is Waylon Jennings’ version of Mel Tillis’ “Mental Revenge.” Everyone needs a good cathartic song every now and then, I think.

    …Wow, sharing that felt so good. If only I had someplace on the Internet I could make that kind of candid personal statement all the time, possibly in an entry-by-entry format that allowed for outside comments…oh well.

    Congratulations, Kevin!

  11. Chris N., apparently you haven’t showered enough in country recently. ‘Cause it’s not your country credentials you have to worry about, it’s the fact that you ARE country.

    Oh wait, wrong site and wrong thread.

  12. Id have to say “seein my father in me” by paul overstreet. Me and my dad are so much alike, and thats something i so happy about. Ive always loved that song. As long as I can remember.

  13. I’ll be honest, most of the time I feel like “Never Mind Me” by Big & Rich describes me pretty well, though I don’t think I’m as depressed (and in denial about it) as the character in the song.

  14. Congrats Kevin!

    Well sometimes when I’m thinking about my mom’s death (when I was abt 10) I always like to listen to Reba’s 2 songs: “For My Broken Heart” and “If I Had Only Known”

    When I’m down and I need cheering up (esp during the school year) I listen to Shania Twain’s “UP!” (and sometimes sing to it when no one’s looking/listining) LOL

    but there’s soo many songs that I could choose from to really fit certian situations in my life but “Blessed” by Martina McBride really makes me feel good! :)

    congrats again!

  15. Lately, I’ve been shivering with recognition at George Strait’s “Troubadour”. Not too often I have much in common with him, but this song definitely.

  16. Sorry I’m delayed with the congrats–well deserved, I’m sure.

    When I was finishing my dissertation for my PhD, I always played Faith Hill’s “Free” b/c of the line “Packed my tools,went back to school And I passed my graduation,and I hold my PH.D In crash test blues I paid those dues”

    Maybe you can celebrate being “free” from the binds of school now too :)

  17. More Sugarland’s for me…. “Just Might (Make Me Believe)” from their first cd, if for no other reason than the line “I need a deep margarita….”. :-) Sing it sister!

    From their second cd, other than the previously mentioned “Want To”, I have to say “Settlin'” cuz that song really makes me think about what’s going on and what / why I’m tolerating.

    I’m still learning the new cd but I’m sure there’s something on there for me. :-)

  18. Dang, no wonder this blog makes me nervous! It seems you have to be a Mensa type with an advanced degree to just be an average blogger here…..(lol)

    My personal theme song: Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Redneck Mother”

    I prefer to keep the details behind this choice personal and confidential….(lol)

  19. My personal theme song : Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer by the late great Johnny Russell

  20. HOORAY FOR YOU! Congrats on finishing up your Masters! I certainly danced circles when I completed mine in ’98. It almost killed me, but it was worth all the struggle.

    My personal theme song? Hmmm…right now, it’s “Heads Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina.

  21. I’ve always thought “80’s Ladies” would make a great personal theme song – the only problem being I’m a man who spent his time in the eighties mainly toddling. Still it’s a wonderful song.

    Right now I’m all about “Still is Still Moving to Me” by Willie Nelson, although bringing up Rodney Crowell to start the thread made me think of “Earthbound,” which could become a personal theme song anytime it damn well pleases.

  22. When I’m training hard toward some serious physical accomplishment like a marathon, Settlin’ by Sugarland is my theme of choice. The chorus is perfect for any type of sports goal.

    The rest of the time Crazy as Me by Alison Krauss and her Pips, aka Union Station describes me quite well.

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