Wednesday Discussion: CMA Female Vocalist, 2008

Following up on last night's discussion on who should be nominated for Male Vocalist this year at the CMA's, it seems logical to talk about the female vocalists next. There was a time when this was the most competitive race at the annual awards. We're nowhere near that nineties peak again, but there are good cases to be made for those who aren't among my personal top five, which are:

Alison Krauss
Everybody knows that the two women who have sold the most records in the past two years are Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Perhaps less widely known is that Alison Krauss is in third, thanks to the enduring popularity of her hits collection and duet album with Robert Plant. Oh, and she's done it without radio and with CMT running reality shows all day. Her appeal is far broader than country, but claiming her as one of their own makes country music look a lot better than it really is.

Miranda Lambert
Here's the woman I'll be rooting for this fall. Along with Underwood, she's a mortal lock for a nomination. The ACM honored her with Album earlier this year, but that set wasn't released during the eligibility period for this year's CMA's. Lambe

rt strikes a balance between artistic merit and commercial success better than any other woman in the game right now.

Reba McEntire
It was a race between her and Dolly Parton for my fifth slot here, two women who have maintained relevance longer than most country stars in history, male or female. Parton made the better album of the two, and is the only woman in country right now who has a serious presence internationally. But McEntire had her biggest album in a decade and she happened to do her best singing on it in about as long.

Carrie Underwood
I don't think I'll be rooting for her to win this year, since she already has two of them, but I wouldn't complain, either. Much like Trisha Yearwood, my reaction to Carrie Underwood being nominated for a vocalist will always be, “She's a damn good vocalist.” I think her singing was much stronger on her second album and she keeps wowing me when I least expect it. This year alone brought live covers of Eddy Arnold and George Michael, and they were both awesome.

Trisha Yearwood
This past year, Yearwood politely reminded all of us that she's still the best female singer we've got, and her taste in material is peerless. I think that for as long as Yearwood is actively recording, you might as well pre-print the ballots with her name on it, and ask the voters for four more nominees.

Which five women do you want to see nominated for Female Vocalist this year?



  1. I would like to see some new women – while I agree with Miranda, Trisha and Alison – how about some new women – I am tired of the same people getting the same awards over and over

  2. My vote is for Carrie. She is a great vocalist and her voice has really matured alot from her first album to her sophomore album. I know some people may get sick of her winning all the time but I’m not :D I think she is great and just keeps on wowing me, especially when I least expect it. She also has had a great year w/ her cd sales and also her tour. I know that isn’t part of the criteria but I just think overall she’s had one of the best year compared to the other ladies, except maybe TS w/ her cd sales. Anyways, my vote is for Carrie but I’m not going to throw a fit if someone else wins even though I feel if the same guys can win the same awards over and over year after year, why can’t Carrie if she is continuing to sing well, keeps selling well w/ her cds/tours, etc. Carrie has my vote all the way!!!!!

  3. Out of this group, I have to go Alison Krauss.
    Yeah, I give the others points but AK is (IMHO) far ahead of the pack…. especially after “Raising Sand”.

    Speaking of (and I realize I’m jumping the so-called gun here).. it will be interesting to see if CMA even recognizes “Raising Sand” for anything outside of “Vocal Event”.

    Of all the categories, this one is always interesting to look back on past winners. I believe Kathy Mattea, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Alison Krauss all had back-to-back win years (or something like that).

  4. Reba’s duets album was so-so.
    But Trisha’s HHATPOL album was sheer brilliance so I’m going for Trisha, even though Reba is my favourite singer.

  5. I think the 5 females that get nominated should go as followed:

    1. Carrie Underwood
    2. Miranda Lambert
    3. Taylor Swift
    4. Reba McEntire
    5. Trisha Yearwood

    Carrie will get it, and as much as I don’t like Taylor’s music she’s done well for herself, but Carrie’s just continued to stay on top. I really like Miranda and would like to see her get it some day, just not this year. Reba, she won’t get it but probably a nod, ditto with Trisha. But when looking at everything laid out on the table, Carrie really deserves it. She released a great sophmore album, which as you mentioned, vocally outdid her first and so far spawned three #1 singles, she’s had way more success headlining than any of the other nominees, and vocally, she sings circles around Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert. So I’d be really suprised if this award went to any other of these ladies, but if it did, Id agree that it would go to Miranda, but it won’t.

  6. I think Carrie will and should take the CMA again this year- because she had 3 number 1 hits, and a 4th on the way With the best song on the album, Just a Dream. Carrie’s tour is selling out in every city- and she is going to do over 150 dates before she is through… She also had strong sales for her album, and put out a very strong 2nd album. Carrie has the best voice around right now- and she is consistently strong in her live performances, as the blogger said correctly. She is getting better and better with age like good wine— and you will never hear a sour note from her, like you will every time from Taylor Swift– the most over-rated artist in years. I agree with the blogger’s picks overall– but I wouldn’t count out Leanne rimes from a nomination either — though she won’t win.

    1. Carrie Underwood– should and will win
    2. Miranda Lambert
    3. Trisha Yearwood
    4. REba or Allison Krauss
    5. LEanne Rimes

    Unfortunately– Taylor-Can’t Hold a Note-Swift may get a slot due to her album sales- but the truth is–most of her sales are going to pop teeny bopper fans– as Taylor has remixed all her songs for pop radio– and appears on MTV or Pop stations for interviews every other week. She seems to want to be more of a pop star then country- so I say go there and stay there. Taylor can’t sing her way out of a paper bag… and her ACM shower scene performance was an embarrasment to country music. That shower scene is not appropriate for a prestigious country music awards show- leave that to the MTV awards or kids’ choice. Carrie deserves this again– even though I love allison krauss, Carrie had the strongest year.

  7. Once again, I completely agee with this line-up, although Carrie would only make my cut for her commercial success and for being a better vocalist than Taylor Swift, since I’ve hated most of her country releases over the past year (sorry, Carrie fans).

    I’m thinking the roster will be something like this:

    Alison Krauss
    Miranda Lambert
    Reba McEntire (though Trisha might swipe her spot)
    Taylor Swift
    Carrie Underwood (who will win)

  8. I love Allison Krauss too….not to mention Trisha Yearwood, Reba, Martina, etc. All of those ladies can singgggggggggggggggggggg. I also like Miranda Lambert too and Leanne Rimes, well I used to like her not a big fan now but she can at least sing too. So there is alot of talented country ladies out there. But for me, Carrie has had the best year and is a great vocalist and keeps on improving.

  9. Carrie Underwood should and will win this award again for a third year. I don’t like Miranda or Taylor much. Miranda’s songs mostly talk about violence and Taylor’s songs all talk about teenage love life. Miranda and Taylor both have very monotone voices unlike the other nominees. Carrie has an incredible vocal range and has an extremely powerful voice.

  10. I would want the list to look like:

    -Alison Krauss- my third choice
    -Carrie Underwood- must win (for “Just A Dream”- her best song yet!)
    -Reba McEntire- if “EOW” was a bigger hit she might have had a shot…
    -Miranda Lambert- another must win (: D)
    -Trisha Yearwood- (she also has been doing well)

    I think the list will be kinda like this:
    -Alison Krauss
    -Carrie Underwood
    -Taylor Swift
    (In my opinion she shouldn’t be nominated- even though I like her music and she is a consistant hit-maker, she doesn’t really stand out this year to me)
    -Miranda Lambert
    -LeAnn Rimes/Reba/Trisha Yearwood (toss up)

    But you never know… LeAnn or Trisha could score big soon with their new singles, and Martina has a new song coming soon! (but I think she won’t be nominated this year)- same thing with Reba- if a new single gets out in time and its the right one at the right time she could make a big hit… (likely not)

    but I’m sticking with my list that I want but I believe that Taylor may sneak in a nomination… But I feel Carrie will win again…

    I think Carrie or Miranda deserve to win this year (sorry Reba) but I’ll be happy if any of my choices (Carrie, Miranda, Reba, Trisha, Alison) win this year…. But I’m really pulling for Carrie or Miranda :)

  11. Dan,

    you should listen to Just A Dream by Carrie. You can check it out on the CMT homepage if you haven’t already. Great song!!! Video was okay for me on first view but after a few views, the video really grew on me and now I love it. You have to also understand that Carrie is still young too.

  12. I agree a lot w/ what the author said-but I do think that Taylor will get an nomination, because of her sales and radio play. I personally think that Taylor is a good song wriiter, but not an vocalist. I have always been a Tricia fan-vocals have always been dead on & I think that Martina will get an nomination again this year, even though she hasn’t had much radio play. I love Miranda also-very powerful. I have to go w/ my pick as the best female vocalist in country music today & in my opinion it is Carrie Underwood (by the way check out the video for Just A Dream on CMT-amazing). Carrie’s Carnival Ride was vocally awesome & 3 #1 hits from so far, will probably score another one with Just a Dream.

    Anyway my 5 pick for nominations are…

    Carrie Underwood (should and will win)
    Taylor Swift
    Alison Krauss
    Miranda Lambert
    Martina McBride

  13. This is always my favorite CMA category. While I have been impressed with Carrie Underwood’s vocal abilities, she has not yet recorded even one song that I can really latch onto and listen to over and over again. So her lack of good material after 2 albums makes me think she doesn’t deserve the award a third year in a row. I am guessing Taylor Swift will win the trophy in 2008. I agree with everybody above that her voice is mediocre at best. But her songwriting – while high school anthems right now – shows real promise in my opinion. Plus, she did have the best-selling country album of the year so far. Not to mention a bunch of songs that radio just won’t stop playing. So I think she’s got it this year.

    Who I Think Should Be Nominated:

    Trisha Yearwood
    LeAnn Rimes
    Carrie Underwood
    Taylor Swift

    Who Will Probably Be Nominated:

    Taylor Swift – big, big year, lots of hits and sales, will probably win
    Carrie Underwood – no brainer, big year too, could possibly win, but I think Taylor has got her this year
    Reba – big selling albums, 2 radio hits (maybe a third by CMA time), longest shot of the group I think since Reba hasn’t won this since 1987 and has been nominated a total of 17 years of the 21 since – kinda past her awards prime
    Alison Krauss – CMA voters love Alison just enough to put her name out there again, though not enough to give it to her IMO
    Miranda Lamber – Album win at ACMs plus a top 10 radio hit puts her just ahead of the other deserving ladies here, though she is in almost the same ballpark as Reba and Alison in terms of her chances

  14. J.R.,

    I understand your point about TS songwriting abilities but this award is for Female Vocalist of the Year not Best Songwriter of the year :D TS should be nominated for Song of the Year or Single of the Year or Album of the Year but I just don’t feel she should get Female Vocalist of the Year, since there are far better female vocalists out there than her. But it’s just my opinion. We all have one :D:D:D and that is okay :DDD

  15. I agree with Michelle that Carrie should win! and that Taylor Swift is a great songwriter but not the best vocalist…. And personally I would love to see Martina get nominated and I love her music but I don’t see that happening because she hasn’t had a radio hit or a major album hit since the 2007 CMAs.. but I may never know Martina may hit it big with her new song if it comes out soon enough, but I think she may score a nomination because she is one of the major female country tour headliners (next to Carrie, and maybe some others, and we might see Reba in the category b/c of her tour with Kelly Clarkson…) As I said we may never know

    but I think that for sure we will see
    Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert (both of which I’m rooting for)

  16. If Taylor Swift won I would be really happy for her but I’d cringe because I think Carrie has had a major year this year and with “Just A Dream”…… and Miranda is way up there in my opinion, she also deserves to win but I see this year’s award going to Carrie, after all- a smash tour with Keith Urban, her own popular headlining tour, 3 #1s from her new album (2 in 2008- I think), a major selling album, and a smash that is climbing up the charts?… idk… seems like Carrie has a third award 4 female vocalist wrapped up! I just hope that IF she wins the audiance can be a bit mature about it and not give those looks….

  17. Miranda should’ve won it last year.. this year she’s been non-existent save a few performance videos.

    A bad “georgia cooking in an oklahoma kitchen” special isn’t exactley entertaining so Yearwood (sadly past her prime?) is out.

    Reba… uhm.. where’s she been the last year? Hanging out with a fading american “idol” star (though cute).

    That brings us to the only two options of the two.. Carrie and Alison.

    Carrie has been all over the place, a good new album, and recognition on all fronts. However, being big in pop shouldn’t mean you win Female COUNTRY entertainer. Alison has again impressed with her duet with Robert Plant. Again its not quite country and perhaps just different enough to get a nod.

    I think it’s a coin-flip between the two.

    Carrie will win on popularity, Alison gets my vote.

  18. Missed… Taylor will obviously be on there, and get runner up. It’s been a huge year for her, but I think the voters think she’s too young.

  19. A little off topic but I just wanted to thank Karen for pointing out Carrie’s “Just a Dream” video. I hadn’t seen it yet and i thought it was great.

  20. Your welcome Mike :D I know I got carried away w/ this thread but I just think the girl is talented whether she wins awards or not. Hope she does but if she doesn’t that is okay as long as I get to see her perform at the CMA award show that is the main thing I care about :D

  21. Since the question was what 5 women do we WANT to be nominated….my five, in no particular order:

    1. Trisha Yearwood
    2. Leann Rimes
    3. Miranda Lambert
    4. Emmylou Harris
    5. Alison Krauss

    All but Miranda released albums in the eligibility period, but Miranda has had a big single out recently.

  22. Journey– -Taylor can’t even sing on key if her life depended on it– so I would respect your picks more if you would pick anyone else on the list but Taylor. She is horrid-= and Miranda and Carrie are better songwriters then Taylor’s bubble gum pop. Seriously— are youaware that Taylor has remixed eveyr single one of her songs to pop radio — and has re-released her album like 4 times to manipulate the teens into buying more copies, with only 1 or 2 songs? No wonders her sales are strong- she is a business genius– and the most calculating 18 year old ever. But she can’t sing to save her liffe.

    This Category is about vocal performances and vocal ability, as well as radio success, sales, touring- everything. But it is NOT about songwriting!! Taylor shouldn’t even be nomnated at all- much less win. If she wins somehow- I will lose ALL respect for the CMA and the industry as a whole.

    Carrie, Allison, or Trisha or Miranda deserve it nominations for sure=== but this was Carrie’s year again– she ruled on radio and is the only singer with 3 number 1’s this year. If taylor wins– I am done with country music. She is a teen pop star pretending to be country– who is on MTV every other week. She can’t sing and she is way over-rated.

  23. I agree with AllisonKraussFan— Carrie will take it this year because no one had a better year then CArrie- and Carrie is a vastly superior vocalist to the pitchy think voiced Taylor Swift.. Every one of Taylor’s live performances have been train wrecks– be honest. She would have been better off being a songwriter instead of trying to be a asinger– when she can’t sing.

    Miranda has a nice voice and I love her album– but Carrie had a better year in terms of radio, sales, touring, and overall accomplishments. Carrie has the stronger voice of the two– though Miranda is a very very strong songwriter.

    But this is not a songwriter’s award– as someone said. This is about vocals– and Taylor has none… so there is no one that deserves it more then Carrie.

    Just a aDream is the best song of the year- hands down.

  24. Alisonkraussfan –

    Just to offer a counter-point to your argument against Taylor, I’m pretty sure songwriting is actually included among the CMA’s acceptable criteria for evaluating the vocalist categories – and even if it’s not, I’m sure voters take it into account when applicable. Furthermore, I’m certainly not Swift’s biggest fan (like you, I wouldn’t include her in my personal roster of five), but I think it’s a little bit of a stretch to say Carrie’s a stronger songwriter, especially since the extent of Carrie’s songwriting thus far has been with two seasoned professionals per song (and on some bad songs, too, though that’s just my opinion), whereas Taylor’s has been either completely on her own or with minimal guidance by Liz Rose, etc. We don’t really know the extent to which Carrie contributed to those songs, so it’s really not even a fair comparison.

  25. Dan- I see what you are saying- but the co-writers of all of Carrie’s songs gave interviews that Carrie did a huge part of the songwriting on all those songs- and they said she was very talented at it. I agree CArrie is a new songwriter– and will grow and mature at it as she gets more experience. But Taylor’s songs are very tweeny, and kind of cliche. The only one that was decent was Teardrops. Our Song was horrible.

    I personally loved All American girl and So Small– I think those 2 songs were far better then Taylor’s teenybopper pop/” country”. I like Last Name for a live song that you can dance along to– but I don’t like it as much as All American girl and So Small. So small is very inspirational, and All American Girl is a fun, upbeat, catchy, women’s anthem.

    Just a Dream is not one of carrie’s co-writes, but it is the best song by any female in country music this year– or in a long time— hands down. It certainly makes “Our Song” or “should have said no” look like the bubble gum pop they really are.

  26. I know it’s not country sounding like her other songs but it shows her vocal strength. I’ll leave now :D

  27. AKFan –

    I didn’t know about the interviews with Carrie’s co-writers; that’s interesting news, and I’m glad for Carrie’s sake that she’s taking an active role in her career. I suppose it really just comes down to personal taste. I think Carrie’s easily the better singer (and thus much more deserving of anything with “vocalist” in the title) but Taylor’s the more interesting songwriter, even if most of her stuff so far is definitely juvenile (Carrie’s, in my opinion, is just kind of bland). Oh well, different strokes.

  28. Dan,

    I can respect that. People have different tastes. That is fine. That is what makes the world go around. It would suck if everybody liked the same exact thing/artist.

    BTW, here’s a better video of Carrie singing her song “I know you won’t”. She messes up though and like forgets two words but still thought it was a great performance.

  29. Thank goodness you didn’t include Taylor Swift just because she was popular. She has bad singing technique. Someone please teach her how to sing correctly.

    Nothing can stop Carrie Underwood, eh? Her continued success is astonishing and the last time I was astonished by a country singer’s success was LeAnn Rimes when she became a superstar with “Blue” at 14 years old.

  30. I forgot to answer the question. I want to see Trisha Yearwood nominated. She’s the best vocalist I’ve ever heard.

    Miranda Lambert just because I really want her to be successful.

    NOT Taylor Swift.

    Ashton Shepherd but she’s not popular enough.

  31. I would definitely give major bonus points to the CMA if they DARED step out of their comfort zone and awarded Alison Krauss.
    I think I would be even more impressed if they nominated Kathy Mattea for “Coal”. Remember her, CMA? ;-)

    But I do think y’all are right in that everything appears to point towards a Carrie win.
    BUT I would still love for Alison to get it.

  32. Linda, I’m not sure you can say Taylor Swift sings poorly but Ashton Shephard sings well. I know it’s a lot personal opinion and preference, and I like both artists a little… but can I again point out how horrible and oversung Ashton’s “Sounds So Good” is? No other artist would extend the end of every line like she does. It’s a good (and annoyingly catchy) song, but the first couple lines especially drive me nuts.

  33. I agree–I want the following to be nominated:

    1. Carrie Underwood— should win and deserves to
    2. Miranda Lambert
    3. Allison Krauss
    4. Trisha Yearwood
    5. Reba or Leanne Rimes

    Anyone but Taylor is deserving of those above listed ladies. Taylor is not in the same league as these talented ladies– and I would cring to hear her even attempt a song like Jesus Take the Wheel– the dogs would howl it would be so bad.

  34. My picks for the nomination would be: Carrie, Taylor, Miranda, Reba and Martina..these are still the 5 best voices in country right now. I don’t dislike Sara evans’s voice, but she’s not in the top 5 right now.

    Carrie probably will win, and after hearing “just a Dream” the other day for the first time, I absolutely think she should win. WOW!

  35. Taylor Swift should be nominated. She’s a good songwriter, a good (but not great) vocalist and popular as hell.

  36. nominated will be:
    carrie underwood, taylor swift, miranda lambert, reba, alison krauss/trisha yearwood

    there’s no question that carrie underwood will win. she the “total package” at the moment. taylor swift may not be the strongest of vocalists but her voice suits her material just fine and the young lady is backed by strong momentum. miranda lambert’s great allrounder-qualities and future potential just cannot go overlooked. reba almost personifies female country music. when you think there’s nothing left to prove for her, she comes up with those fantastic duets. alison krauss teaming up with robert plant yielded a remarkable record – if it wasn’t somewhat contradicting, i’d say the lady’s got some balls. when it comes to trisha yearwood, it’s more difficult not nominating her than nominating her, most of the time. alison or trisha – flip a coin for the last spot.

  37. My choices for Female Vocalists would be:

    Trisha Yearwood
    Carrie Underwood
    Miranda Lambert
    LeAnn Rimes

    But those who are likely to be nominated this year are:

    Taylor Swift
    Carrie Underwood
    Miranda Lambert
    Alison Krauss

  38. Who Should be Nominated: Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, Leann Rimes, Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood
    Who Will be Nominated: Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood

    Taylor Swift’s commercial explosion and general public presence will be too much for voters to resist, even though her singing ability fails to match up to her songwriting skill. It will be interesting if Big Machine can support two nominees (Trisha Yearwood). I think widespread respect will push Trisha through. I am surprised that Leann Rimes has barely been mentioned. Although being on Curb hurts her chances, her CD has sold decently, she’s had an average radio presence (solo & the Bon Jovi duet) and she seems overdue for another nod.

    Reba’s Duets recognition occurred last year—I don’t think the support will be strong enough this year for another nomination. Martina McBride has been nominated every year since 1997, but I think a year with no radio hits and recognition will see her come up empty on nominations day.

    Kevin, I will be rooting for Miranda as well. Carrie has tremendous vocal talent, but she has won the past two years. “Carnival Ride” and “CXG” are now selling almost the same numbers per week, and Miranda definitely has the artistic vote. What do you think Miranda’s chances are?

  39. Kevin, I agree with your list.

    B. Jonathan, you make a good point about LeAnn and Reba. I actually think LeAnn might have a chance of sliding in there in Reba’s place. As far as Miranda, I think sh’es got a good chance, especially since she just garnered a top ten song.

  40. I’m not a betting man, but I’d put Miranda’s chances of pulling an upset over the Underwood Machine at about 20% – no more. Carrie’s team has timed her releases brilliantly; “Just A Dream” will probably become a monster hit just in time to remind voters that she’s still capable of recording quality material. But I, too, will be rooting for Miranda.

    I’ve loved LeAnn’s output over the past year and sort of feel like her chances of scoring a nod will depend largely on whether “Nothin’ Better To Do” falls in the eligibility period (and if it does, I want to see it nab a “Single” nod).

  41. Carrie will win, but IMO I don’t think she should win, that (for me) would go Trisha. If you’re looking just at their vocals Trisha would win that one, although Carrie is only a little below her.

    On sales of course Carrie wins there, but as to which album is better Trisha’s is WAY better. So while I know Carrie will win, I still think Trisha is way more deserving of it.

  42. my picks for the nomination would be: trisha, Taylor, Miranda, carrie and Martina..
    i totally think martina is the best singer ever; her voice is just amazing…hope she get the nomination :D

  43. Would not be surprised in the least to see Taylor get a nod. The CMA has never been one to shy away from shout-outs and keeping names heard during these occasions.
    I’ve also never known the CMA to be accused of only nominating the “deserved”. Just saying…

    Too bad Pickler didn’t get something out earller and might have found herself in this running.
    It’s kinda amazing to me that they basically have a short list of female vocalists they always choose from (not that it’s unique for this category).
    At the risk of sounding redundant, I would love to see the CMA really stretch themselves and even do what the Grammy’s tend to do… give attention to something that perhaps not everyone has heard.
    Then again, the CMA is all about $$ and going with the familiar, ie. playing it “safe”. Uggghhhh…

  44. ^^^If we are going to apply that to the females, then it is only fair to apply that too to the males, meaning the same country male singers that win the same awards over and over again year after year. But nobody seems to complain too much about that though but they do when it comes to the females. Seems like a double standard. Anyways, whoever wins I’ll be happy as long as it’s not TS.

    As far as the CMA’s always playing it safe, I don’t think that is always the case, maybe alot of the case but not always, just look when Carrie beat Faith, Martina, etc. for the FVOTY years back, I’m sure it shocked some people when that happened. I know it did me b/c she was so new to the business at the time and young but she could sing though.

    That is why I’m not ruling TS out completely b/c even though her voice is weak she does have the sales, popularity, and knows how to be entertaining so you never know how the CMA’s will go. I’m hoping they play it safe and don’t pick TS :D as I think her voice isn’t mature/strong enough at the moment.

  45. “If we are going to apply that to the females, then it is only fair to apply that too to the males, meaning the same country male singers that win the
    same awards over and over again year after year. But nobody seems to complain too much about that though but they do when it comes to the females. Seems
    like a double standard.”

    Karen, I apply the same standard to the males too! That’s why I really wish Gary would be nominated, though I’m very doubtful it’ll ever happen. On that thread, there were plenty of other people who expressed the same annoyance regarding the male nominations.

  46. HAHA! You’re kidding me!
    I can’t stand that woman
    I hate her so much.
    Taylor needs those awards.
    If Carrie wins, I swear to God i’ll break my toe all over from kicking the TV (as i did last time)
    I think she’s a stuck up snob who is totally fake
    how does she go from begging Jesus to save her life, then to having sex with a stranger? That lady is messed up. TAYLOR ALL THE WAY <3

  47. Breaking this down the same way that I did for the Male Vocalists, my personal ballot would be: Elizabeth Cook, Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Willis, and Trisha Yearwood.

    Of the women who are actually in contention for the award, I’d be happy with a list that included Alison Krauss, Lambert, Rimes, Underwood, and Yearwood.

    My question / issue with Krauss, though, is the same one that I have with Reba McEntire this year– what has she released in the eligibility period that would count toward a nomination as a solo artist? Both she and Reba have enjoyed a high profile this past year because of duet projects; I ask the question about Krauss, however, because she releases so much material that she very well may have something that would justify a solo nomination, whereas I do think that’s a bit of a stretch for Reba.

    I’ve never made any great secret of how brilliant I think Miranda Lambert’s work is, so I’d love to see her pull off the upset, but I’d be equally thrilled to see Yearwood win. Other than Lambert, I’d say she’s released the best material in the last year of the women who are realistically in the running (Kathy Mattea, sadly, isn’t even on the radar). Rimes has also grown significantly in my estimation over the course of her past two albums; it’s a shame she hasn’t had the commercial success that she deserves with her current work. Underwood’s ongoing reign over mainstream country also makes her worthy of a nomination.

    As for who I think actually will be nominated, in decreasing order of certainty: Underwood, Taylor Swift, Lambert, McEntire, Krauss. As others have noted, the CMAs are more susceptible to label-based bloc voting, and, unfortunately, that hurts Yearwood’s chances against her labelmate at Big Machine, and Rimes’ chances for being on a label that has never really seemed to have much clout as CMA voters. And I have a hard time envisioning a scenario (other than the one called “wishful thinking”) in which Underwood doesn’t repeat.

  48. ^Miranda– you have got to be kidding?? Taylor is the worst vocalist in all of country music– and Carrie is one of the best. Carrie’s song Last Name was NOT about having sex with strangers— she got MARRIED in Vegas to a stranger– but there was no “sex” in the lyrics- and even if there was– they got MARRIED! Carrie is a sweet girl and an AMAZING singer– and you sound awfully filled with hate. Perhaps that hate is just from jealousy…for that, I feel sorry for you. If anyone sucks- it is Taylor, who has to rely on props and smoke screens like the psycho shower scene at the ACMS, to distract people from her bad vocals. She plays the “oh I am only 18” card till you want to puke– but the truth is, sheis in the big leagues now, and should be judged by the same standards as everyone else. Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Leanne Rimes all got a lot of flack from the country music industry for re-mixing their songs for pop radio. they got shunned for a time. Taylor does the same thing- and there are no repercussions. That is not fair– she should be treated the same way that the other ladies were. She is only selling well due to her remixes and MTV pandering– she is the Miley cyrus of country music, and even has a barbie doll line out. But at least Miley can sing a little– Taylor wails and has no range or any ability to stay on the right key or pitch. Soon she will be lip synching with the rest of the teenyboppers.

  49. First of all, I would be pretty shocked if Taylor Swift does not score a nomination, especially since her album most likely is no longer eligible for Album of the Year (it still might be though because of the delux edition). As far as the winner is concerned, I would love to see Trisha Yearwood pull it off. She has released two great singles since last year’s show, and her album has received boatloads of critical acclaim. At this point though, I’m not even sure she will get nominated. If she doesn’t win, I’d like to see it go to Miranda and see her perform “More Like Her” on the show.

  50. Johnathon– I agree that Miranda’s album is good, but have you actually listened to Carrie Underwood’s new album? It is incredible. There is a little bit for everyone on there… even a traditional song, a cover of Randy Travis’s song, “I told you So.” Just a Dream her current single- is arguably the best song and vocal performance by any female this year. While I love Trisha too, and allison krauss—- neither put out a song that moved me the way Just a Dream did. Carrie’s voice is as good as Trisha and Martina, in my opinion— but I wouldn’t put anyone over the other per se. Martina, Trisha, Carrie, Faith, Allison, Reba, and even Leanne Rimes are all the best vocalists period. Sara Evans is ok, but not good live. Taylor is horrendous live. Miranda is decent live– but not as good as Carrie.

    Anyway- I am a fan of the ladies you mentioned– but I think you are underestimating Carrie’s talent a little bit. She really has a lovely voice- as good as or better than anyone out there right now.

    I feel bad for Carrie though because– boy! does she have her haters… and people who just won’t give her a chance just because she came from American Idol.

    What they don’t realize about Carrie- is that she has paid dues for YEARS prior to going on American Idol as a last resort. She got a record deal with Capitol Records at age 14 or so, but the deal fell through somehow. She played iin church, fairs, talent shows, etc- for years just like everyone else. I think people have a misconception that people walk onto American Idol, having never sung a note before in their life. Not true at all=- it is a last resort for most struggling artists.

    Finally– Leanne Rimes got started on Star Search, a talent show just like cArrie. Miranda got started on Nashville Star, a talent show just like Carrie. So it is odd that only Carrie gets bashed all the time for that. I wonder if it is because she is more successful then them, so people single her out unfairly?

  51. Joseph– I agree that unfortunately– Taylor may get a nomination just because of her sales and popularity right now. But I don’t think she deserves a nomination on merit. She has remixed and re-released her album so many times to manipulate sales- that it is almost embarassing. She is selling to pop fans at this point– who hear her on pop radio with her remixed songs. I think she should just be a pop singer if that is what she wants to do. Pop artists don’t have to sing that well anyway- so she would fit right in with Britney spears.

  52. Of all the choices laid on the board here, I personally think Taylor Swift is going to be the one the CMA voters go for. That’s not to say that I think she is a good vocalist – one of the worst I think. I change the station when she comes on (or turn my volume down if I am forced to listen). But the fact remains that she’s had a successful year. I don’t like her songs or her voice by any means. I gave her CD to my cousin. I am just saying I think the CMA will choose her this year. I could be wrong …

    If I were going to choose myself, I would give the award to Reba. Because she is my favorite. And she’s had a successful enough year to justify it on some terms … lol … and it would be her fifth – and first one in 21 years (for Female Vocalist)- which has to be some kind of record.

  53. I think that Reba’s duets album was fantastic– but does that really qualify her for a solo female vocalist since it was a duet’s project? Same with allison krauss- love her, but she did a duet album essentially, so I am not sure she is qualified.

    I do think Carrie is very under-rated and given too much shit from some people for no reason. Lots of people got their break on talent shows- so what? Miranda did and no one says a thing. Leanne Rimes did start out on Star Search, and no one judges her for that. I just don’t get why Carrie gets so much slack sometimes– when she is clearly the best voice to come to country music in a long long time.

    Carrie deserves to win again this year– on paper for sure. The only way Carrie will lose– is if people go with a sentimental favorite like Trisha or Miranda. Not sure why Miranda gets all the love, to be honest. Her album was good– but not better then CArrie’s. I like Miranda- but it is as if everyone feels the need to pick her just to keep Carrie from winning. I don’t get that. What did Carrie do, that makes people so mad when she wins? She is certainly deserving. She has a better voice then Miranda- though Miranda is a little more comfortable as a song writer. I see potential in carrie though– All American Girl was a great song.

    Taylor is not even worth mentioning, really. If they nominate her- I will be really dissapointed in the CMA’s. This is not about sales, like the ACMS is. It is about vocal talent and other factors. If Taylor ever wiins this award– heaven forbid— the whole Awards show will lose its integrity and respect, in my eyes.

  54. Miranda– I think you are unfortunately going to be kicking your tv again this year- because the CMA voters have a clue– and they always pick someone with a stellar voice who can actually hold a note. If you look at the list of past winners- not one was anything but spectacular, and deserving. Giving the Female Vocalist award to someone as horribly off key and pitchy as Taylor– would be like giving a grammy to Britney Spears for best lip syncher. Pathetic. Carrie is a nice person and she never wrote about having sex with strangers—- she wrote about getting a quicky Vegas wedding. You clearly have some jealousy to work on there. Maybe if Taylor spent more time with a vocal coach to teach her how to stay on key, and less time on myspace, she might be tolerable. She is arrogant, annoying, and she makes my dog howl in fright whenever her voice comes on the radio– which is much too often.

  55. Karen… I was applying that to the males, hence the mention of it in other categories, too.
    I may have touched on that on the “male vocalist” board (or if I didn’t, I had planned to). Every year like clockwork you can name at least 4 of the 5 noms… not to mention who you know will NOT get a nod. I personally don’t see any kind of double standard cuz I think the CMA is screwy in both the “vocalist” categories. Always have.

    And believe me, if the CMA thinks that it goes unnoticed by either fans or folks in the industry, they are as shamefully naive.
    They can be incredibly political, ie. if they don’t want your name mentioned then you are not nominated.
    Proof of this (IMHO): look at the CMT Awards and how diverse they are.
    Besides, the CMA is kinda on my “list” because of the way they treat the Hall of Fame inductees. But I digress…

    ** Sorry I got so off topic! (puts soapbox back…)

  56. Ah…LJ, don’t get me started on the way the CMAs treat the HOF inducties! I’ll just say that I agree with you on that one. By the way, I’d feel the same way even if Vince hadn’t been one of the first to be shafted.

  57. I love love love Trisha Yearwood and she has put out the best country album this year period and has released excellent material for the past 17 years, but I am really nervous about Big Machine getting her the nomination. They will be fighting for the much less deserving nominee. Plus Big Machine might be throwing some votes for Jewell???

    But I am for Trisha all the way!

  58. Wow… Forgot all about Jewel.
    Wonder if she’ll get a nod in any category?

    Btw… interesting how this topic has garnered about twice as many as the “male vocalist” board.
    I love the love for the “girl singers” around here.
    (that always kills me how country music would refer to the ladies with that title… LOL)

  59. LJ, I was observing the same thing to my husband–that this thread generated twice as much discussion as the male thread. I didn’t log onto the computer until after 10:00 Eastern time this morning and the thread had already had 41 posts.

    Ha! I forgot about Jewel too. I wonder if she’ll be in the horizon category.

  60. Wait.. people LIKE Trisha’s “heaven, heartbreak and the power of love”? Jeez.. I was a big trisha fan.. but that song is dreadful. bring back georgia rain Trisha, or early Trisha… but this last album was rooouuuggghhhh

  61. I believe Taylor and Carrie have the best chance, along with Miranda.

    And I have no problem with that. I love Taylor and Miranda, and Carrie’s okay. I really do wish Pickler would go in the running too, but she hasn’t had enough hits yet unfortunately, due to poor promo.

    I really don’t think Reba or Dolly will even be nominated, personally. I barely hear Dolly on the radio, even though she’s fantastic, radio hasn’t been taking to her songs very well. Reba, you haven’t really heard much from her either. She isn’t near as popular as a few others, and has made a big enough impact, in my opinion, on country music this year.

  62. Dan,

    Look up Carrie’s concert you tube videos, especially when she interacts w/ the audience w/ her Carrie chats, and you might fall in love w/ her too :D The Carrie you see on tv is for the cameras, but the Carrie you see in person or in concerts is what makes her fans love her. She is very sweet, personable, and has a good heart. Plus, she can sing. Anyways, it’s not Carrie’s fault she keeps winning awards, so what is she suppose to do not accept it? All she wants to do is sing and is very thankful to be able to have a singing career, which she mentions several times at her concerts.

    Not saying you have to like her singing or performance style (which I might add at her concerts she is much more loose and moves alot more on stage and interacts w/ the crowd more than you might see on tv performances but I think that will be changing as Carrie seems more confident now and from the CMA fest video clips (which should be airing on tv later this year) I saw she was working the stage and crowd alot) . Go watch her cover performance of November Rain/Paradise City. The girl can rock!!! But I understand not everybody is going to like Carrie or her style but there are alot of other artists I don’t like or care for (either their singing or performance style) but I respect their talent and that others do like them and if they win awards so be it.

    I don’t hate TS. I actually think the girl is a talented songwriter and she has catchy and relatable songs too and she knows how to work the crowd or entertain but the only thing I feel she lacks in is her singing abilities. So that is the only reason I don’t think she is ready for FVOTY but if she gets a nomination that is fine (just prefer her not to win at the moment b/c her voice isn’t developed yet). But if she wins, so be it (even though I think it will probably throw alot of fans into a fit and not just Carrie fans but in general). I still think she should get nominees for other categories like Song of the Year, Single of the Year, Album of the year, etc though b/c she does have the cd sales, catchy lyrics/songs, and is popular and there are people who do enjoy her music.

    As a fan base, we have had to deal w/ alot of c*** about Carrie so that is probably why we are rabid fans if you want to call us that and defend her like we do b/c we believe in Carrie and her talent and just enjoy her but instead we have to deal w/ alot of Carrie hating, so we can get to be very defensive/protective as a fan base. But I guess it’s the way it is for any fan base whose favorite is in the spotlight.

    Anyways, I love alot of the ladies in country music not just Carrie so I’ll pretty much be happy w/ most of the ladies listed above winning. So I guess we will have to wait and see who gets the nomination and win. I’m more looking forward to watching the performances anyways. Wonder what the performance lineup will be.

  63. Karen, while I’m sure Dan didn’t mean to offend (not speaking for you though, Dan), I think yours was a very reasonable defense of Carrie and what any artist would like to see from his/her fans.

    I, too, always look forward to the performances, though I hope they get their sound issues fixed for this year’s awards. It boggles my mind as to why they can’t seem to get the sound right for these award shows. The few times I’ve caught American Idol and even Nashville Star, the sound seemed to be just fine, so you’d think an awards show with a big budget and a whole year to prepare would be able to get it right for one night of the year. I’m just sayin’…

  64. I totally agree Leeann. The sound system sucked big time at the ACM’s. Alot of the artists sounded horrible or not so great. They seriously need to get a better sound system at the CMA’s.

  65. My vote is for Alison- I feel that she’s really pushing the boundaries of country music and raising it’s profile. It is difficult for country artists to break through to mainstream charts here in Australia, where a large portion of society are very critical of country music. Someone like Alison who has the ability to cross-over between genres while still maintaining her bluegrass influences gains my respect!

  66. wow, miranda!
    that’s one of the best posts and concise expressions of unfiltered passion that i’ve read in a long time. the first six lines are pure poetry. my title suggestion: “pink guitar girl”.

    the description of the tv-kicking has undeniable screw-ball quality. if you gonna do it all over again, please make sure it’s going to find it’s way onto youtube.

    from jesus to one-night-stand. some opening question for any debate about today’s moral standards colliding with religious beliefs. any sunday morning tv-evangelist would have a field day passing on his wisdom on that topic.

    well done,…and so refreshing that even the slightly narrow-minded parts are half tolerable.

  67. If you actually listen to the lyrics of Last Name, it is talking about the stupid things people do, like getting drunk, meeting a guy, getting married to him on a wimp, waking up the next day next to him realizing what you have done and regretting it, wanting to split but the problem is you don’t even know the guy’s last name.

    So it isn’t condoning that behavior but instead is making fun of it and how dumb it is and how you shouldn’t do those things. So imo it’s actually tackling moral issues as it’s making fun of how people do dumb things in their life that they regret later. Which she later does regret b/c she married this guy who she barely knew one day and it was a big mistake as he later cheats on her in the Before he cheats video. Last Name is a song that just explains what led up to the Before he cheats song. Both Last Name and Before he cheats song/video are tied together. Go watch both the Last Name and Before he cheats videos and it will explain it better. So it’s not condoning these types of behaviors but instead looking down upon it as a regret or something you shouldn’t go do.

    It’s suppose to be a fun humour song but in a dry humour kind of way. Same goes for Before he cheats. It was about bashing her ex’s car after he cheated on her; the same guy that she ended up married to in the Last Name song. But it’s suppose to be in humour. I don’t see Carrie going out doing these things or bashing her ex’s cars. It’s just a song and her playing a role/character. Not all songs Carrie sings about is from personal experience or from her own life. I’m glad she can step out of the box occasionally and sing songs that are more edgy or different from herself.

    Same goes for Miranda, her songs talk about taking a shotgun and shooting her abusive boyfriend and in her song Kerosone she is burning the house down after she catches her cheating boyfriend. Seriously doubt Miranda would actually go out and do those things. It’s just a song.

  68. They are country singers not contemporary christian singers. Some of the best songs in country tend to be the edgier. Plus alot of country songs talk about drinking, getting drunk, cheating spouses, life experiences, hurt/pain, etc. But they also talk about faith, God, love for country, love for family/spouses/girlfriend, etc. too.

  69. Last Name is the only edgy/contraversial song on her album. Everything else is pretty much straight laced.

  70. Karen,

    If I were you, I wouldn’t feel I had to apologize for Carie’s slightly edgier songs like “Last Name” or “Before He Cheats”. For one thing, her songs really aren’t too edgy. Secondly, Carrie’s certainly not the first person in country music to sing about Jesus and cheating. The country artists who refuse to do so often end up like Lonestar, anyway. At any rate, those are the songs that got me to give her a second try. While I’m still not a super Carrie fan, I certainly appreciate her a lot more than I once did….enough to convince me to buy both of her albums at least.

  71. by the way leeann,
    the other highlight in this thread is your perfectly timed and brilliantly worded one-liner regarding miranda’s little masterpiece: “tell us how you really feel”. simply smashing stuff it’s been putting a grin on my face all morning.

  72. I think it’s funny that the same person keeps making different names up to post about Carrie..Tsharky(or is it Allisonkraussfan or Cheryl) I’m looking at you..LMAO!! give it a rest already would ya… are so annoying.

  73. Karen –

    Leeann’s right; I meant no offense by my comment. I think it’s cool that y’all stick up for your gal, and that most of you do it in a generally inoffensive way. I do like Carrie and her voice, although I do think her best work is yet to come.

  74. I would love for the list to look like this:
    -Kellie Pickler
    -Miranda Lambert
    -Trisha Yearwood
    -Reba McEntire
    -Alison Krauss
    —Maybe Gretchen Wilson or Martina McBride

    I think the ones I picked all have a true country voice. Carrie is a great singer and all, but she’s already won the award twice, so I think someone else should have a turn.

  75. Thanks Dan :D I think Carrie is a work in progress. Has great potential. Give her time, she should just get better and better w/ age :D Hopefully one day she will sing something that is more to your liking :D Right now though she gives her fans what they like :D

  76. I agree some Carrie fans can be very blunt, outspoken, and go overboard w/ things ;) But I’ve seen that w/ other fanbases too; just look at some of the posts here directed at Carrie. Craziness :D

  77. Carrie’s fans are very nice actually— they are just defensive because poor Carrie is constantly getting dumped on by jealous fans of other artists, etc. There are big fanwars going on apparently- which is normal when someone is as successful as Carrie is. Haters come to her cmt boards and troll, bash her and bash her fans– just to cause trouble. Alot of taylor swift fans join the carrie sites just to lurk or pretend to like carrie- and then they bash the carrie fans that don’t like taylor. It is really pathetic. That is why Carrie fans can be very passionate and defensive– it si after years of putting up with hostile fans of other artists.

    I don’t understand that really– the same thing happened to Shania Twain when she ruled country music a few years ago. The haters came out in droves- just like they are doing to poor Carrie– who never said a bad word against anyone.

    Then you factor in Jessica Simpson trying to break into country music — and the first thing she does is take a cheap shot at carrie with her Anti-Vegetarian tshirt. Not smart jessica, country music doesn’t need this petty drama. What was carrie’s reply? Not a damn thing. She kept a dignified silence as usual- and did not lash back at jessica to sink to her level. Carrie has class. She also defended Faith Hill after that CMA fiasco. Can’t say the same for jessica.

    I am first and foremost an Allison Krauss fan- she is one of the most gifted musicians, songwriters, and vocalists ever- due to her unique, clear voice. But as much as I love Allison, I have become a carrie fan of late too. I did not watch American Idol– but after hearing Carrie sing Live at award shows- I became a fan.

    what I don’t get– is all the hatinig. But people are the way they are, I guess. The bashing of Carrie will continue until she stops winning awards and selling albums— then they will leave her alone. Unfortunately for the haters- Carrie seems to be here to stay, given that she is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and all. lol Sorry- but she will be winning awards and breaking records for years to come.

  78. Dan=I agree that for all we know, Carrie’s best is yet to come.. due to the great potential she has in her voice. After she released Jesus Take the Wheel- I thought that would be the highlight of her young career. But then she released Just a Dream– and her vocals are even better on this new song, which I didn’t think was possible. I bet on album 3, she will blow us away.

    Miranda is the same way: I don’t like alot of her songs, but I like her. I bought her new album, and like it alot.. but there are a lot of filler songs on it that I skip through. By contrast, Carrie’s album is packed with all good songs. I guess if you prefer traditional, more edgy stuff Miranda is your girl. Carrie is a bit more contemporary then Miranda– but I love her songs as well.

    I look at it like this: Carrie is sugar, with a little spice in her (Before he cheats, Last Name), and Miranda is spice, with a little sugar thrown in (More Like Her, etc). Both are fantastic, and I am glad they are a part of country music. Can’t say the same for jessica simpson or taylor swift– not impressed. sorry.

  79. somehow, from reading these comments I feel like im reading a monologue sometimes… I didn’t realize an Allison Krauss fan would feel so compelled to defend Carrie Underwood. I guess this Allison Krauss fan’s name is Cheryl or Melissa, or Chad… Identity crisis I guess

  80. MARTINA MCBRIDE!! I know her name wasn’t up there but it should be! She is the best female vocalist in country music, IMO. She rocks!

  81. They left off the one woman with the most phenomenal voice in country music…MARTINA MCBRIDE! As long as she is nominated I could care less who else is nominated. She deserves to win. Come on lets make it 5x Female Vocalist of the Year!

  82. Very true Leeann. I hope her upcoming album will do better. Of course, I loved Waking Up Laughing, but it just didn’t really catch on past “Anyway” on radio.

  83. Leeann Ward —No impact..i’m sorry but that is absurd. She is not going to lower her standards to be some “wannabe” pop/country industry generated ditz. I guess in order to have an impact in country music these days you need to sing about, smashing your boyfriends car, how your going to shoot him or how you got drunk married and had a one night stand. WOW what a fantastic impact this is going to have for the children of today. I’m sick of the no talent hacks who have some how slipped into country music today. Sorry to be harsh but people need to open their eyes and see this “new” talent for what it is industry generated, and handed to them on a silver platter. If your going by pure impact then what impact has Alison or Trisha had in the past year?? Not much either.

  84. Alison’s album with Robert Plant has had plenty of impact this year, especially with critical acclaim. Trisha’s album as well. What has Martina done this year, which is the criteria for this year’s award? I like Martina just fine, but I was just arguing that she likely won’t receive a nomination due to her lack of impact this year. Likewise, Vince Gill won’t be receiving a male vocalist nomination for the Male Vocalist award this year. It wasn’t a knock on Martina, just a statement of fact.

  85. Well it wasn’t fact because MArtina was nominated again!! I’m so happy for her it shows was a lasting effect she has that she is nominated year after year :)

  86. Actually, I think the fact that Martina was nominated in a year when several women were more deserving shows that the CMA voters are still very much out of touch with the fans and the artists that are really making an impact.

  87. Sam, what justifies Martina’s nomination this year? I’m hoping you can give me something more than the fact that you’re a fan of hers. Because, as has been pointed out, she has not had a detectable presence in country music in the past year. Therefore, if the nomination is to be taken seriously, there needs to be a solid justification aside from the fact that she is able to sing very well. Like I said, I’d be just as baffled if Vince had gotten a Male vocalist nomination this year and I LOVE Vince.

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