Josh Turner, “Why Don’t We Just Dance”

Josh TurnerCountry music isn’t exactly known for its exultations to hit the dance floor, so it’s no surprise that this dance request is directed at his wife. Turner is charming as ever, even if he has a bit of trouble keeping up with the beat as he tosses off the lyrics.

It’s about as deep as Vegas rainfall, something that you could imagine Mel McDaniel singing back in his prime. Turner doesn’t sell this quite as well as McDaniel would, but he comes close enough. Regardless, it’s nice to hear his voice again.

Grade: B

Listen: Why Don’t We Just Dance


  1. I’m mixed about this song. It sounds pretty good, but I can’t help but feel that Josh holds back on the vocals. He kind of sings it so straight that it feels like he’s taking the lyrics too seriously at some points. I don’t mind of lyrics lack substance as long as I can feel that the singer doesn’t take them too seriously. For example, he does an excellent job on “Loretta Lynn’s Lincoln.” The song is ridiculously silly, but it’s obvious that he knows it. The same thing with Darryl Worley’s “Family Tree.” That’s when I love songs without demanding lyrical substance. I still like this song pretty well though.

  2. “He kind of sings it so straight that it feels like he’s taking the lyrics too seriously at some points. ”

    Yes, that’s my trouble with it, too, Lee Ann. I think Josh is capable of a more playfully cajoling vocal, which is what the lyrics call for. Still, this is a rather ingratiating song and has grown on me via multiple listens. I love Josh’s voice and have been looking forward to new music from him for some time. I hope this is a hit for him.

  3. I’m really liking this tune. Very enjoyable all around. It’s always refreshing to hear an upbeat song by a male artist that doesn’t tell us how country or how macho he is. I also hope Josh has a big hit with this.

  4. I dont think there is a song more perfect for Josh to sing, and I also find this song refreshing to hear on radio compared to everything else out there. I am pleased to see him come back into the current country climate without selling out and staying true to myself.
    It’s important that this song becomes a hit because in a few years George Srait, and Alan Jackson will be done at radio, and Josh will be needed to become the traditional-country anchor at commerical radio. I believe he has what it takes to pull it off, the right material will result in longevity and consistency like George.

  5. Josh is in fine voice, and the production is good. I am however tired of him wasting that golden voice of his on fluff like this. Fluff can be nice, but sometimes you gotta go for substance.

  6. OMG!!!! i love josh turner especially why don’t we just dance best song ever i love listening to this song over n over n over again it just draws my attention i listen to it while i do everything Josh Turner is the BEST!! BEST!! artist i love josh turner<3 he's the best

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