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The MavericksEven though they never made it into heavy rotation on country radio, The Mavericks were still one of country music’s most lauded bands in the mid-nineties. The CMAs named them Vocal Group in both 1995 and 1996, and they won similar honors from the Grammys and the ACMs.

Despite not reaching the top ten with a single, they enjoyed a platinum-selling and a gold-selling album. In Canada, their albums continued to reach the gold threshold. “Dance the Night Away”, which barely dented the country chart in America, was a sizable hit in the United Kingdom. Lead singer Raul Malo has gone on to record several solo projects, along with producing other acts, including yesterday’s Six Pack featured artist Rick Trevino.

“What a Crying Shame”
from the 1994 album What a Crying Shame

Essentially their breakthrough hit, it found them ditching the political themes of their debut album for Orbison-channeling heartbreak instead.

“O What a Thrill”
from the 1994 album What a Crying Shame

A wonderfully romantic ballad that’s remarkably sophisticated.

“Here Comes the Rain”
from the 1995 album Music For All Occasions

They won a Grammy for this melancholy performance that perfected the formula introduced by “What a Crying Shame.”

“All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down”
from the 1995 album Music For All Occasions

Their first hit single to draw on the Latin influences that the band had in spades.

“Dance the Night Away”
from the 1998 album Trampoline

A big hit in Canada and an even bigger one in the United Kingdom, it’s one of those songs that too many Americans didn’t have a chance to hear.

“Hot Burrito #1”
from the 1999 album Return of the Grievous Angel: A Tribute to Gram Parsons

The band absolutely nails their entry in the multi-artist tribute to Gram Parsons.


  1. If I had to pick a favorite country band from the 90’s, it would be these guys. From their Bakersfield influenced honky tonkers to the Orbison-esque ballads to Raul Malo’s crystal clear voice, I absolutely love their music. I mentioned in the Rick Trevino feature that he was one artist who made me miss the mid 90’s. The Mavericks are most definitely another. Listening to their music takes me back every time.

    The albums What A Crying Shame and Music For All Occasions are awesome from beginning to end, but their debut, From Hell To Paradise, is also well worth a listen, particularly the title track. Other great songs to include are “I Should Have Been True,” “All That Heaven Will Allow,” and “There Goes My Heart.”

    I really miss the days when artists like The Mavericks, George Ducas, James House, and Radney Foster could still get some mainstream attention.

  2. I loved this band. They were my favorite country band throughout the 90s and was really surprised that they didn’t get more airplay. Then again, they were a bit to ‘weird’ even by 90s “expressive/folkie” country standards.

  3. Okay, okay. It’s finally time for me to buy their albums.

    I always liked them, but never really went past their hits. Malo has a great voice, though I haven’t been able to get into his crooner solo music.

  4. Raul Malo is one of the greatest and most distinct male vocalist of his generation. The Mavericks were superb and Malo still gives me chills with his resonant vocals.

  5. I completely agree about Raul Malo’s voice, and I love the band’s Orbison style Fifties sound. Great stuff!

    Didn’t Malo do a covers album of Country classics recently?

  6. This band may have been way too good for their own good, if you follow my meaning. With so many diverse influences as they have, and with country radio getting more and more narrow in its playlists throughout the 1990s, the Mavericks seemed to fall through the cracks. It’s a shame too; they were a greatly underrated band.

  7. I picked up their greatest hits or something like that and just love it. I knew they were good back then and followed them, but for me, it’s definitely a case of “dont know what ya got til its gone”, cuz a band like them will simply never see the mainstream glory that even they recieved…

  8. I just downloaded their four albums from Amazon this morning. Wow! I’ve really been missing out! I knew I liked their sound and the singles, but I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to really listen to them. I think I’ll give Raul Malo’s solo albums another chance now.

  9. Leann, I was going to recommend What a Crying Shame since, other than “Here Comes the Rain”, it includes all of my favorite performances. It was named USA Today’s album of the year when it was released and I’m guessing it is one of the ones you purchased.

  10. Mavs ’98 Trampoline cd had some real good songs like “Dance the Night Away”, “Someone Should Tell Her”, “Dolores” (sounds like it’s from the 1920’s), “Save a Prayer” (gospel or revival song) and “Dream River”. Loved their covers of Springsteen’s “All That Heaven Will Allow” and “Here Comes My Baby”, a Cat Stevens song also covered by the Tremeloes. As a solo artist, Raul Malo’s “You’re Only Lonely” I really enjoyed but didn’t care for the material in his followup cd, “After Hours”. That’s why I’ve been reluctant to spring for his new cd, “Lucky One”. Saw him in concert about 2 years ago at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville. Vocally he was great but he was pushing the “After Hours” cd and he showed up an hour late and didn’t apologize to the audience.

  11. They issued an indy album in 1990 which included an interesting song titled “Mr Jones”. This song reprised in their 1992 album FROM HELL TO PARADISE

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