iPod Check: Recommend Ten Songs Redux

ipod2It’s time for another iPod (or any other music player) check. Last time, I asked you to put your music device on shuffle and then tell us the first ten songs that you would recommend. This time, I want you to do the same thing, but then jot down your initial thoughts on the songs as your ten recommended songs play. Then share your informal thoughts in the comments.

I’ll play along too, but I’ll spare you the Christmas songs that will inevitably come up in my shuffle, which I’d heartily recommend if I wasn’t keenly aware that it’s still only September.

John Anderson, “I’d Love You Again”

Nice, sweet song from the rough voice guy who’s still able to sing a tender song with the best of them.

Todd Snider, “Alright Guy”

I love how Snider really seems to be pondering this question: “I’m an alright guy? Right? Right?”

Ashley Monroe, “Can’t Let Go”

Peppy…reminds me of a Garth Brooks type song.

Patty Loveless, “What’s A Broken Heart”

Melancholy…something Patty Loveless does the best.

Rodney Crowell, “Earthbound”

A celebration of life that doesn’t happen to be sappy.

Kathy Mattea, “Junkyard”

I can relate to this song. My motto has always been “Life’s depressing enough. Why would I want to watch things that would only contribute to the darkness?” That’s why I don’t watch dark films, though it so happens that I don’t have the same philosophy about music.

The Judds, “Flies on the Butter (You Can’t Go Home Again)”

There’s just something wistful about this song. Obviously, the theme, but also how it’s performed. Perhaps I’m just imagining it, because I’m wistfully wishing there was a duo on radio like The Judds today…probably why I love Joey + Rory

Trent Summar and the New Row Mob, “Louisville Nashville Line”

It’s just imperative to turn Trent Summar and the New Row Mob up when they come up on the iPod.

Vince Gill, “Don’t Pretend with Me”

I really like the guitar on this song. It’s cool. In reality, this whole box set is awesome.

Keith Anderson, “Pickin’ Wild Flowers”

Guilty pleasure.


  1. Buddy Miller, “This Old World”
    Miller’s brand of old-time religion jangles infectiously.

    Billy Joe Shaver, “You Can’t Beat Jesus Christ”
    If you don’t love Jesus, Billy Joe has a suggestion for you. It involves going somewhere.

    Trick Pony, “One in a Row”
    Trick Pony’s first album was actually pretty fun.

    Buddy Holly, “Words of Love”
    Buddy Holly is the coolest. Gary Busey, not so much.

    Dwight Yoakam, “Home of the Blues”
    Dwight had some really excellent classic country covers on his first few albums.

    Diana Jones, “The Day I Die”
    This is just beautiful. If you like Kathy Mattea, check out Diana Jones.

    Rhonda Vincent w/ Ben Helson, “Crazy What a Lonely Heart Will Do”
    A good old country ballad.

    Waylon Jennings w/ Willie Nelson, “Just to Satisfy You”
    There’s not much better than these two together.

    Terri Clark, “Getting Even with the Blues”
    Clark’s delivery is masterful. How I Feel is a great album.

    Wynn Stewart, “Above and Beyond (The Call of Love)”
    Can’t talk about Merle Haggard or the Bakersfield Sound without talking about Wynn Stewart. His recording of this song predates Buck’s.

  2. Yes to Diana Jones. Great stuff that I learned from your site. Bill’s now a fan of hers too. Thanks for making me spend money because I just bought the Clark album; it was only $5.99 though. I’ve never really followed her much beyond her singles, but the clips sounded good (but I’m not much of a fan of “Now that I Found You”, I’ll admit).

  3. Gretchen Wilson, “Raining On Me”
    Gretchen can really work a ballad when she wants to. Good song too.

    Shelby Lynne, “Leavin'”
    Exquisite vocals; loving the arrangement too. Shelby Lynne is the bomb.

    Dolly Parton, “What Is It My Love”
    One of the best tracks on a very fine return-to-form album.

    Martina McBride, “For The Love Of A Woman”
    “Emotion” is a really underrated album.

    Billy Currington, “Here I Am”
    Billy has a really great voice, and this has some really good steel.

    Reba McEntire, “Whoever’s In New England” (live)
    Need I comment on this song? This version from her live album is even better than the studio cut.

    Kelly Clarkson, “All I Ever Wanted”
    Catchy pop; I really dig KC.

    Mary Chapin Carpenter, “I Want To Be Your Girlfriend”
    MCC is just cool.

    Trisha Yearwood, “I Did”
    Love the mellow feel of this.

    Sara Evans, “The Way Things Were Done”
    This is the music Sara was meant to sing. The fact that she penned this entire album makes it that much cooler too.

  4. Josh Turner, “Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy”
    What a great cover. I’d listen to Turner sing just about anything.

    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, “Please Read the Letter”
    Love it.

    Bela Fleck, “Kinesta”
    Bela Fleck is a mad genius. I’m not much into world music, but this is an excellent song.

    Dixie Chicks, “Heartbreak Town”
    Fly is one of those records that I never get sick of.

    My Morning Jacket, “Aluminum Park”
    This song has a wonderfully infectious hook.

    Neko Case, “Soulful Shade of Blue”
    See comments for Josh Turner. Another great cover here.

    Steve Martin, “Hoedown at Alice’s”
    Could I love Steve Martin any more than I do now? The answer is no.

    The Collins Kids, “Hoy Hoy”
    Nothing like a little rockabilly to get your morning started on the right foot.

    A Camp, “Golden Teeth and Silver Medals”
    I love this band. They’re fronted by Nina Persson, lead singer of the highly underrated Cardigans. Gorgeous duet here with Nicolai Dunger.

    Hank Williams, “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You)”
    My favorite song ever…thanks for pulling it up, iPod! If you get a chance, YouTube Hank singing this with Anita Carter. It will kill you in a good way.

  5. Thirsty — Patty Loveless

    Not a song I am terribly familiar with, as it is on my least favorite Patty Loveless album ( Strong Heart ) but this is actually a very fine vocal performance. There are a few cuts on this album that I liked, including this one. I’m going to have to seek them out and put them on a playlist so I can hear them more frequently.

    Foolin’ Around — Connie Smith

    A very good cover of the Buck Owens hit. I always associate this song with Patsy Cline, since her version was the first I ever heard. Excellent steel guitar work on Connie’s version.

    Pledging My Love — Emmylou Harris

    I like everything Emmylou did in the 70s and 80s. It’s too bad she strayed so far from country during the 90s and most of this decade, although her latest effort All I Intended To Be is quite good.

    I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ For My Journey — Connie Smith

    Nobody could sing gospel like Connie at her peak.

    Bob Wills Is Still The King — Waylon Jennings

    Waylon’s tribute to the King of Western Swing. Country music could use some Waylons right about now.

    Take It Out On Me — Miranda Lambert

    I still haven’t gotten on the Lambert bandwagon, I’m enjoying the Dead Flowers EP a lot more than I thought I would.

    Eyes Like Mine — Sylvia

    I still have a soft spot for some of this early to mid 80s stuff. So sue me.

    I’ve Done Everything Hank Did But Die — Keith Whitley

    It’s not possible to listen to this song without being haunted by the now ironic lyrics.

    I Wish I Was Still In Your Dreams — Conway Twitty

    A decent song sung by one of the all-time greats, but the song is slightly marred by the 80s pop-influenced production.

    Love Comes From The Other Side Of Town — George Strait

    It doesn’t get any better than George Strait’s 80s Texas dance hall/Western Swing music.

  6. Nobody Gets Off In This Town – Garth Brooks
    Classic Garth before he was one of the biggest things ever.

    Copenhagen – Chris LeDoux and Toby Keith
    A fun little song about one of Chris’s favorite vices.

    I’m Doing My Best – Gary Allan
    I love me some Gary Allan

    Under Your Spell Again – Buck Owens
    One of my favorites from Buck

    On The Other Side – Dailey & Vincent
    Brothers from a Different Mother is a ridiculously good album.

    Little Ole Wine Drinker Me – Merle Haggard
    Dean Martin’s version of this is the definitive one to me, but Merle’s is also really good.

    Woman, Sensuous Woman – Mark Chesnutt
    A great cover of a Don Gibson classic.

    Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys
    I’ve been a Beach Boys fan since before I could walk (only slightly exaggerating).

    Marina del Rey – George Strait
    One of my favorites from King George.

    On Account of You – Mac McAnally
    This is one of the better songs from Mac’s new album.

  7. “I May Hate Myself In The Morning” (A+)
    Lee Ann Womack; There’s More Where That Came From (2005)
    -This song is a classic, it floats along gently, never missing a beat.

    “Valentine” (A)
    Martina McBride & Jim Brickman; Evolution (1997)
    -One of my favorite Martina songs: romantic, real, and powerful.

    “Lost” (A+)
    Faith Hill; The Hits (2007)
    -Powerful and sultry, I hold this song leauges above Hill’s “Breathe.” Wish there was a video for this, I’d picture it as a cross between Clarkson’s video of “Because Of You” and Hill’s “Cry” video.

    “Wrong Again” (A+)
    Martina McBride; Evolution (1997)
    -I love this song, especially the acoustic version on McBride’s Playlist compiliation album. McBride makes the character very real with her powerful performance, without overdoing it.

    “21 Guns” (A-)
    Green Day; 21st Century Breakdown (2009)
    -Easily the best song on their new album, I love the lyrics and the way they sing the song.

    “You Lie” (A+)
    Reba McEntire; Rumor Has It (1990)
    -McEntire’s vocals soar on this song, no one else could make this character real and help the listener feel for both sides.

    “Sweet Music Man” (A+)
    Reba McEntire; Greatest Hits Vol. III: I’m A Survivor (2001)
    -I miss McEntire performances like this. :/

    “Orphan Train” (B+)
    Lee Ann Womack; Something Worth Leaving Behind (2002)
    -One of my favorites from the album, really spine tingling to listen to for me.

    “This Is Me You’re Talking To” (A+)
    Trisha Yearwood; Heaven, Heartache, & The Power Of Love (2007)
    -Well, duh.

    “(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven” (A-)
    Reba McEntire; 20th Century Masters: Reba McEntire (2006, song from 1980)
    -One of my favs from McEntire’s 80’s catalog, it shows McEntire’s awesomeness with classic country sounds.

  8. “Playin’ Our Song” by Chrisette Michele
    -Good sad R&B song, she has a very unique voice too

    “Big Cry” by Sara Evans
    -Love the horns and dobro in background, it has a little jazzy-country feel that’s unique

    “Lonely Enough” by Little Big Town
    -Very sad, like eavesdropping on the prayer of someone whose lover’s just dies…

    “Soul Of Constant Sorrow” by Patty Loveless
    -Need I say anything? She does this song awesomely.

    “No Time For Tears” by Jo Dee Messina
    -She needs a better label, she can make a great song- like this one. It’s a leaving song that makes me feel happy, oddly enough.

    “Fuerte” by Nelly Furtado & Concha Buika
    -Spanish song off her spanish album, very catchy even though I still need to translate the lyrics…

    “Stepping Stone” by Duffy
    -Very retro song, really sounds like an awesome James Bond theme.

    “My Moon My Man” by Feist
    -Cool moving-sidewalk video, cool driving piano in the background.

    “Quicksand” by La Roux
    -Just got this album last night, her single “Bulletproof” is free on iTunes. Great electronic vibe, but songs still have meaning, which is awesome.

    “Mi Plan” by Nelly Furtado & Alex Cuba
    -Cool acoustic guitar mixed with a nice beat and lyrics I can actually mostly understand in spanish. COOL!

  9. “Check Please” – Paul Jefferson
    I was lucky enough to meet a friend in college who had this CD. It has that songwriter demo quality to it. Probably could’ve been a hit if it had been on a major label.

    “Creeque Alley” – Mamas & The Papas
    Great song about the winding down of the late sixties.

    “Gotta Get Back” – Shelby Lynne

    Still love the hook of this one.

    “America’s Favorite Pasttime” – Todd Snider

    Best country baseball song since “The Cheap Seats.”

    “Here I Go Again” – Kim Richey

    Richey’s first set is one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard. Lorrie Morgan covered this but didn’t do it quite as well.

    “Useless Desires” – Patty Griffin
    Songs don’t get much sadder than this unless they kill someone off in the end.

    “Hung Up” – Madonna
    My favorite pop song of all time. I never get tired of it.

    “Somebody More Like You” – Nickel Creek

    I love the way the band played against type on their final album. It’s easy to miss how mean-spirited this is.

    “Keep Me in Your Heart” – Warren Zevon
    A dying man’s wish for those he leaves behind. That the man who once rocked out with “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” ended his career with this song is amazing.

    “A Good Year For the Roses” – George Jones
    I finally found an Australian import that had the original recording of this song. This is my favorite song of his: “A lip print on a half-filled cup of coffee that you poured and didn’t drink. But at least you thought you wanted it, and that’s so much more than I can say for me.”

  10. Iris DeMent, “Let the Mystery Be”
    A super pretty country-folk song…about agnosticism. Fascinating listening.

    Will Hoge, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart”
    Not country, but it’s kind of like Rascal Flatts’ “Stand” with actual soul in the lyrics and delivery. Hits that Rob Thomas/Tom Petty sweet spot.

    The Marshall Tucker Band, “Heard It In a Love Song”,
    This was the band’s biggest chart hit, but I just discovered it. I love when country and soft rock are able to combine without the ‘country’ part getting completely shut out. And there’s that flute part!

    Willie Nelson, “Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)”
    This is permanently stuck in my head. I prefer the original studio version on Shotgun Willie.

    Sons of the Pioneers, “Cigareetes, Whusky and Wild, Wild Women”
    The kind of recording that’s just going to get more and more lovable the more dated it becomes.

    Bruce Robison, “All Over But The Cryin'”
    I don’t get why the mainstreamers don’t constantly steal stuff from his albums. This would make a perfect radio single.

    Mindy Smith, “Highs And Lows”
    Like with the Will Hoge song, I don’t mind a somewhat cliche theme as long I feel like there’s some real oomph behind it. Mindy sings this like she knows what “lows” really are.

    John Fogerty, “Jambalaya”
    I think the new Blue Ridge Rangers is more interesting overall, but this track from the original is awesome.

    Brooks & Dunn, “Red Dirt Road (iTunes Originals Version)”
    If you like the song but want to hear it stripped down, check this out. It’s acoustic, you can actually hear them harmonize, it’s cool.

    Ryan Bingham, “Country Roads”
    This guy just makes cool-sounding records.

  11. Ditto on the Iris Dement!

    Also love:

    – Chris D.’s shout-out for “No Time For Tears” – it should’ve been the last single from that album instead of “Because You Love Me.”

    – Just about all of Zach’s list, which as two of the songs that have topped my year-end list since launching this blog (“I May Hate Myself in the Morning”, “This is Me You’re Talking To.”)

    – Juli’s write-up of “Heartbreak Town” – dead-on.
    It still amazes me that the band went on to make two more albums that I love even more.

    – Andrew’s singling out of “Woman, Sensuous Woman”. Radio criminally ignored it after sending the first three singles off that Chesnutt album to #1.

    – Razor’s write-up for “Thirsty”, though Strong Heart is one of my most favorite Loveless records this decade. I’m in the distinct minority on that one, I know, but I love it.

  12. 1. Jonas Brothers – “Play My Music”
    – Nice, catchy, and danceable. Makes me wanna move.

    2. Sugarland – “Already Gone”
    – Sometimes I enjoy this song more than others. The lyrics are good, emotion is strong. I’m being drawn in again.

    3. Jonas Brothers – “World War III”
    – One of my favs. from them. So much energy, and such lively vocals.

    4. Hedley – “321”
    – More high energy.

    5. Jonas Brothers – “What Did I Do to Your Heart”
    – A country attempt by the JBs. One of my least fav. songs on the album, but I still like it. The fiddle is catchy.

    6. Brad Paisley – “Throttleneck”
    – I don’t normally like instrumental song, but I like the feel to this one.

    7. Josh Gracin – “Favourite State of Mind”
    – One of the reason’s I love Josh Gracin’s music so much. Fun!

    8. Lady GaGa – “Poker Face”
    – One of my fav. pop songs of the year. Her live performances are so much more interesting, because she changes them up and gives them an interesting new twist. My favs. for this one were her performances on American Idol and Jonathon Ross.

    9. Josh Gracin – “I Keep Coming Back”
    This second single wasn’t as exciting as the first, and yet I still love it.

    10. Keith Urban – “I Told You So”
    – Such a beautiful combo of instruments. Excellent!

  13. Just rebooted my Ipod not too long ago and started over from scratch. It’s just like cleasing my soul getting rid of all the junk songs that don’t hold up over time or that I have just gotten sick of. So not alots on there yet, but my fav’s were the first to make it back on.

    1) Singing the Blues – Marty Robbins – One of best male country vocalists of all, always enjoy this one.

    2) Dead Flowers – Miranda Lambert – Good unique song, sucks to be radio, you passed up a good one again and for that, you are less cool.

    3) Adalida – George Strait – The cajun looks good on a mainstream song, not enough of it out there, goes down easy.

    4) Goodbye Time – Blake Shelton – I love this version of a classic.

    5) The Fool – Lee Ann Womack – The vocals on this have gotta be amoung the best theres ever been, just the emotion and heartbreak, you feel what shes feelin and my ears are glued to every word of the lyric

    6) Born Again in Dixieland – Jason McCoy – This song never gets old, not sure if it was released in the States, but its worth checking out and still holds up good, If it’s independant Canadian, its one of the best and any mainstream male would have took it to No. 1.

    7) My Way To You – Jamey Johnson – This song kind of disapeared off the lower rungs of the charts, but its another too good for radio. Listen to this one right after a Rascal Flatts song, and your soul will be thanking you later.

    8) Come On Over -Shania Twain – I always have Shania songs at my disposal and I don’t apologize for it, she got me into country and I’m lovin it.

    9) One More Year – Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson – If it wasn’t for websites like this one, I wouldn’t have discovered music as good as this, so thanks.

    10) Nothin But The Taillights – Clint Black – This is one of those songs thats impossible not to like, so I’m not gonna fight it, i’m just gonna like it.

  14. 9) One More Year – Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson – If it wasn’t for websites like this one, I wouldn’t have discovered music as good as this, so thanks.

    That’s what makes this whole blogging thing worth it!

  15. I’m in! First 10 keepers from shuffle, one per artist:

    (1) “Shoulder to the Plow,” Fred Eaglesmith. Love the church piano on this one and the low-fi production. Hopefully, the cover of “Time to Get a Gun” on the new Miranda Lambert album will earn him some more attention.

    (2) “All I Want is Everything,” Mindy McCready. Could do without the “Whoo!” crowd noises, but, otherwise, a nearly perfect example of how to get the “pop” half of pop-country exactly right.

    (3) “Jesus on the Radio,” Guster. A pop band records a terrific, banjo-driven country one-off.

    (4) “Runaway Train,” Rosanne Cash. I heart her.

    (5) “The Rescue Blues,” Ryan Adams. Not my favorite cut from Gold, but I dig the Hammond organ on this one, and it’s one of his most soulful vocal turns.

    (6) “Toxic,” Nickel Creek. Just because.

    (7) “She’s Acting Single,” Gary Stewart. The self-loathing in his vocal performance on this is just extraordinary stuff. Can’t think of any current male vocalist who could pull that off this well.

    (8) “Rated X,” Neko Case. There’s only one Loretta, obviously, but Neko is no slouch.

    (9) “Caroline,” Outlaw Family Band. Always love a good murder ballad, especially when the banjo is used this well.

    (10) “Coalmine,” Sara Evans. The timing of the single release was catastrophically poor, but I love it when she goes the twang-and-fiddle route.

  16. 21 Guns – Green Day
    I actually do like the song, but ever since it’s been getting airplay on radio, I’ve always been finding myself changing the station :?

    Missing You – Tyler Hilton
    This is a really great cover of the song.

    The Game Of Love – Santana & Michelle Branch
    And to think I didn’t know of Santana till “Smooth” came out.

    Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
    This song is timeless.

    Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen
    I’ve never been a big fan of 80’s music but Bruce Springsteen has become a favorite of mine in the past few months.

    Trying To Love You – Trisha Yearwood
    This is probably one of her best songs of the past decade.

    Long Shot – Kelly Clarkson
    If you haven’t bought Kelly’s new cd, this song is enough reason to.

    No One Needs To Know – Shania Twain
    Shania always has a good song to turn around any bad day.

    The Sign – Ace Of Base
    Just my 90’s nostalga kicking in.

    Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
    Did I forget to mention I was a big Kelly Clarkson fan?

  17. I found a copy of the 20-track “Essential Gary Stewart” on a trip to Princeton Record Exchange last month. Worth every penny of the 5.99 I spent on it. Self-loathing is the best description I’ve heard of his vocal delivery.

  18. I love this topic…

    “It Ain’t Easy” Janie Frickie
    My love affair with the 80’s can be traced back to a few individuals, and jingle-singin’ headband-wearin’ gal is one of them.

    “Just Another Love” Tanya Tucker
    Tanya, like Crystal Gayle is one of those artists that seem to be all but forgotten by anything calling themselves country radio, and that is a shame, as both have a massive country catalogue that is stunningly good.

    “Mowing Down the Roses” Jamey Johnson
    This guy seems like the real deal – kind of the feeling I get from listening to Alan jackson. I hope that Jamey takes a page from Alan’s how-to-be-a-country-star manual and never makes the career-killing move of taking himself too serious.

    “The Girl Who Has Everything” Reba McEntire
    I don’t have much Reba – but the few I do are good ones…I think Kevin or someone just mentioned this song in a post a littel while ago, and thats funny, ’cause it wasn’t a hit, but obviously struck a chord with some folks…me included.

    “Trouble In Paradise” Loretta Lynn
    I just got Loretta’s “Honky Tonk Girl” boxed set, and there is a lot of gems – like this one…but my current favorite is “Here I am Again” – That is a killer song.

    “I’d Lie To You For Your Love” The Bellamy Brothers
    These guys have so many great tunes as well – I’ll bet that whomever wrote Kenny Chesney’s recent song about “going out last” night liked this song too…

    “Chisled In Stone” Vern Gosdin
    Nothing makes me happier than a good ol’ sad song. I literally take sad songs off CDs and compile them on one – Thats how much I love sad songs. Favorite line in this song; “So I brought these pretty flowers hoping you would understand sometimes a man is such a fool”

    “When I Call Your Name” Vince Gill
    Another GREAT singer of sad songs…Vince is another one who could sing the phone book, and I’d buy it.

    “Monday Morning Church” Alan Jackson
    Ok, so now I AM reaching for the whiskey bottle…Alan is the total package…and Patty sounds like she always does…amazing.

    “Two Story House” George and Tammy
    Two of my very favorite voices in country music…

    And Kevin – You are right…that line in “A Good Year for the Roses” is one of the best written…you should do a post about the best lines written in a song – there is a million of them…

  19. “Merry Go Round” – Terri Clark
    Shows me how amazing she is and how this album is so like Fearless

    “It’s the Song” – Chely Wright
    Makes me see what life is like for the artist but also realize how much I really like her.

    “Bobby” – Reba
    Always brings a tear to my eye.

    “Fighter” – Christina Aguliera
    One of my favorites by her, and I love the message behind the song.

    “You ain’t down home” – Julie Roberts
    Reminds me of people I grew up with, but a great song by a woman I wish would do more…

    “I Walk The Line” – Johnny Cash
    Need I say more.

    “When There’s No One Around” – Garth Brooks
    Classic Garth

    “Bobby Darwin’s Daughter” – Tracey Lawrence
    Tracey is so good at doing story songs, and this is one that gets me every time.

    “Love is an Army” – LeAnn Rimes
    Slow and haunting, and proves the there were some good songs on her Twisted Angel album, at least in my mind.

    “I Meant To” – Brad Cotter
    I actually like a lot of songs from his album, he is a great song writer and a good singer, I wish he had done better.

  20. *Any song with an asterisk is a song that was on a cyber jukebox that one of my friends copied for me. There’s a lot of crap on it and much of it I’ve never listened to and don’t even know I have. It took me 18 songs to get to a real, non-Christmas country song.

    *Summertime Blues – The Who. I didn’t know they sang this song. But maybe it’s not even the same song I’m thinking of.

    The Unwelcome Guest – Billy Bragg. Why did I ever buy his album? Probably because of his affiliation with Wilco.

    I.D. – Kassabian. BritPop? Who can remember?

    Legs – ZZ Top. I remember when they didn’t suck for 2 whole albums.

    *Better Life – 3 Doors Down. I seem to recall they had one good song when I was in grad school.

    *Invisible Sun – the Police. I think I like maybe 3 Police songs. This isn’t one of them.

    *I’m Free – the Rolling Stones. I like a whole lot more of the Rolling Stones songs. But this isn’t one of them.

    *Rock & Roll, Pt. 2 – Gary Glitter. Na na na / na na na / hey hey hey / get back to work.

    *Santeria – Sublime. I don’t know anything about Sublime. All for songs, though, that might have something to do with animal sacrificing cults.

    *Viola Lee Blues – Grateful Balllickers. I’m all for an attitude of gratitude.

  21. The Eagles, “Seven Bridges Road.” Alan Jackson’s and Dolly Parton’s takes on this Steve Young song are pretty good, but Don Henley and the guys’ recording of it is still my favorite. Incredible harmonies, and I love the acoustic guitars.

    Ricky Skaggs, “Highway 40 Blues.” Loved the mandolin and steel guitar on this record; it and “Cajun Moon” are my two favorites from that time period from RS, who for my money ranked right up there with George Strait during the ’80s neo-traditionalist movement.

    Jack Ingram,” Barbie Doll,” from Unleashed Live, recorded at Gruene Hall with Charlie & Bruce Robison. Cliched? Obnoxious? Maybe? Fun? You can wager your donkey on that one. The best recording of the song, in fact.

    “Right Or Wrong,” Merle Haggard. Ahhh, Hag doing Bob Wills. IIRC, he recorded it with some of the members of the Texas Playboys. You can tell they were having a blast doing it, too.

    “Live Forever,” Shaver. The definitive version of this song is found on Shaver’s 1993 cd Tramp On Your Street. The acoustic guitar break pierces my soul every time I hear it.

    Metallica, “For Whom The Bell Tolls.” My second favorite tune from Ride the Lightning after “Creeping Death.” The church-bell intro to this meditation on the soldier’s travails sends me scrambling for the volume knob every time.

    Steve Wariner and Garth Brooks, “Burnin’ the Roadhouse Down.” Who knew Steve Wariner could do Western swing so damn good? Love the acoustic guitar and stand-up bass on this record, my favorite track on the album — which, if you don’t have, you really need to find, as it’s arguably the best thing Steve Wariner has ever recorded.

    Jamey Johnson, “In Color.” One of the best songs of 2008, from one of the best albums of 2008.

    George Strait, “She Told Me So.” Love the traditional fiddle-and-steel arrangement on this song, and the lyric has a neat little twist: “Each night she thanks God for, the day she found me/Why, when she came home this morning, she told me so.”

    Queensryche, “Anybody Listening.” A positively epic record, the closing track from 1990’s Empire cd explores the emotions of one living life on stage, in the vein of Rush’s “Limelight.” I think this is the better take on that theme, though. “Is there anybody listening? Is there anyone who sees what’s going on?” Geoff Tate has one of the best voices in music, period. A lot of people dissed Empire’s more commercial sound, but I think Tate and the guys did a really good job here of staying true to their prog-metal roots while exploring the more commercial sound.

  22. Leean It’s seems that you really love music because of the Ipod’s that you in the pic.
    But I have few artist that I know their song’s and the tittle of the song’s but ..Rock music’s influence me a lot. I have a lot of song and tittle that I know..
    Thanks keep posting !!

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