SeptemberThere’s a certain sadness to the month of September. The first hints of fall feel like the beginning of the end, as summer warmth tuns to autumn chill. Perhaps that’s why there are so many great songs about this time of year, nearly all of them tinged with sadness.

For me, “September When it Comes” is the most beautiful example of this theme. The track was recorded by Rosanne Cash and Johnny Cash just months before he passed away. The song eerily foreshadowed his death, which would come to pass that very September:


There are many other great country songs about September, like Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’ “September” and Cheryl Wheeler’s “75 Septembers.”  Then there are the great songs about the season in general, like Lorrie Morgan’s “Autumn’s Not That Cold” and George Strait’s “The Chill of an Early Fall.”  Pop music has its own fair share as well, with Neil Diamond’s “September Morn” and Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” being bona fide classics.

Of course,  the greatest September moment in pop culture history isn’t a song, but it deserves to be included every single time this month comes up in conversation:


What are your favorite songs about the month of September and the beginning of fall?


  1. That’s just ridiculous. Everyone knows women begin to show in March!

    As far as pop songs go, you got the standard “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I’m gonna have to mull over this topic though. I can’t think of any off the top of my head right now.

  2. “Maybe September”–Tony Bennett
    “September In The Rain”–Frank Sinatra
    “See You In September”–The Happenings
    “September Grass”–James Taylor
    “September Song”–Willie Nelson

  3. The minute I saw September as the headline, the first thing I thought of was “September when it Comes” That CD is one of my fave by Roseanne Cash, and that song is up there.

  4. ‘September When It Comes’ is a definite favorite of mine. Just listening to it invokes a feeling a security and warmth, perhaps because I know the cold months are coming and I’m wrapping myself in the music.

    Caitlin & Will have a pretty good song on their EP called ‘Leaves of September’ that I like quite a bit too.

  5. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals have “September” on Jacksonville City Nights, and Danny Balis’ “Autumn Leaves” is mighty fine. I also like the Del McCoury Band’s “When Fall’s Coming Down.”

    But my favorite autumn song is definitely “September When it Comes,” even though I can only listen to it once a year or so because it makes me cry.

  6. I’m always sad about September because it signals the beginning of my work year, but I’m guessing sympathy will be minimal on that front.:)

    The Cash & Cash song is beautiful and I try to avoid the emotions it makes me feel too, Juli.

  7. This song isnt exactly about September or Fall….but for some reason I can picture the subject in this song walking home alone on a cool autumn night…its “Lonesome Dove” by Trisha Yearwood…..I dunno just the first one that came to mind

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