Single Review: Lee Brice, “Woman Like You”

Lee Brice’s new release is a song that sets a casual conversation to music.  Woman asks husband, “Honey, what would you do if you’d never met me?”

Answer: “I’d do a lot more offshore fishin’ / I’d probably eat more drive-thru chicken / Take a few strokes off my golf game / If I’d have never known your name / I’d still be driving that old green ‘Nova / I probably never would have heard of yoga / Be a better football fan / But if I was a single man / Alone and out there on the loose / I’d be looking for a woman like you.

I’m digging the sound of this record. I particularly appreciate the restrained, acoustic-based arrangement. As another significant plus, Lee gives a low-key vocal delivery that works well with the conversational tone of the lyric, while also making for a nice change of pace from the more theatrical vocal performances heard on some of his previous singles.

But my problem here is that I have a hard time seeing why this guy answers his wife’s question by going into all of the hobbies and pastimes he enjoyed as a single man (and would still be enjoying had he not met his woman), only to jolt back to his life of domestic bliss, saying that he’d be all alone and “looking for a woman like you.” That latter development feels gratuitous and underdeveloped, fitting in awkwardly with the rest of the chorus.

The bridge ties things together to some extent, explaining that he plays a lousy golf game, his wife makes the best friend chicken, he loves the sound of her name, et cetera.  But the problem remains that the song spends too much time focusing on little inanities.

It’s a very pretty-sounding tune, to be sure, but the lyrics just don’t quite add up.  In most cases, my current
mood will probably determine whether I think the strength of the performance offsets the general disjointedness of the lyrics.

Written by Jon Stone, Phil Barton, and Johnny Bulford

Grade: B-

Listen: Woman Like You


  1. I really like the song and not just because many years ago I used to drive a 1970 Nova and my wife now takes yoga lessons. I don’t find it a problem that the lyrics mention all his hobbies and pastimes. If say he only mentioned golf, she might come back with how about fishing and football. She probably knows all the things he likes but it’s nice to hear that he loves her more than all of them.

  2. …sounds like another slow climbing charmer by lee brice. since there’s already a “fishin’ song”, perhaps this one will eventually be known as the “watchin’ yoga” song.

  3. I agree with bob, it’s hardly “disjointed”. Its clever and possibly a little cocky but i think it’s an amazing fresh breath from the cliche driven white trashville most modern country embraces.

  4. I think this is an awesome song, the lyrics tie in perfect i think. I think every song has a different meaning to each person. I think whats missing now adays is interviewing the writers of the songs. To find out where there coming from with there lyrics. But I have heard alot of music by that writer Johnny Bulford. He is a talented you man and keep a eye for him. I saw he co-wrote a song called flashlight on chris youngs “Neon” Cd

  5. I agree with ellen. Johnny is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Check out his song, Remember the Brave.

  6. I really enjoy this song. It’s in the same territory as “Crazy Girl” but much, MUCH more imaginative/entertaining, and any ambiguity about this guy’s true sentiments is quickly resolved. How refreshing to hear such a happy, humble and truly original love song!

    I believe this and Zac Brown’s new song “No Hurry” are tied for my favorite new radio tune.

    I give this a solid A, maybe even an A+!

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