Single Review: Billy Currington, "Hey Girl"

Billy-Currington-hey-girlThere’s certainly no false advertising going on here, though it would still be easy to guess what we were getting even if the song title didn’t make it so plainly obvious.

I almost wonder if each new Currington single release is determined by the flip of a coin.  Heads – release a beer drinking song; tails – release a sexy come-on love song.  Apparently this time it landed on tails.

“Hey Girl” has some infectious guitar work going for it, but it’s not enough to elevate the song beyond what it is – regular dime-a-dozen radio filler with a total lack of a lyrical hook.

For all that vocal

talent, it’s a shame Currington’s output has become so frustratingly predictable.  I guess I’ll just keep listening to “Love Done Gone” until he bucks the trend once more.

Written by Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley, and Chris DeStefano

Grade:  C

Listen:  Hey Girl


  1. Ah yes, mainstream country’s latest entry in the pick-up lines that don’t work anthology. Guys, to hear the response this will net you, listen to Holly Golightly and the Broke-offs’ Another Bad Night.

  2. How many of these milquetoast singles have been penned (either in full or as a collaboration) by Rhett Akins? His name seems to pop up on a lot of them these days.

  3. A friend of mine recently asked me if I had heard anything about any new Billy C music. I don’t think I’ll bother mentioning this song. It’s awful. His last good single was “People Are Crazy” in ’09.

  4. Ha! Funny you mention that, Mike. I was looking up who wrote the song as I was finishing up the review, and I was thinking there had to be at least one Peach Picker involved. I was correct.

  5. …there was a time, when songwriters at least tried to make the lyrics fit properly into the melodic framework. that doesn’t seem to be a must criteria anymore, these days. otherwise, this dog never would have seen the light of day.

    the only enjoyable thing about this trainwreck is the missing comma in the line: “every guy here’s doin’ the same girl” – surely one way of getting famous in a small town. bless ’em.

    just out of curiosity, stormy. are you “the stormy” of the late great 9513?

  6. Currington’s pronunciations are all weird and almost purposefully distorted in this song too. It’s as if the ends of some of his words, especially at sentence end, are cut off. It really doesn’t provide for a pleasant listen at all.

  7. I heard this song just once this morning on my way to work. I knew right away it was Billy, his tone is so fine, but the song it’s self isn’t that much but with the lyics today I think it fits in just fine. I think it will be a hit. and isn’t that what every singer is about. A HIT!

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