Daily Top Five: Favorite Friend Songs

Dan Seals The BestWhether they’re about lovers and friends or simply platonic friendships,  country music has a ton of songs about friends and tributes to friends. What are some of your favorite friend songs?

Here’s my list:

  1. Dan Seals, “One Friend”
  2. Vince Gill, “That Friend of Mine”
  3. Don Williams, “You’re My Best Friend”
  4. Tracy Lawrence, “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”
  5. Garth Brooks, “A Friend to Me”


  1. 1. Tim McGraw, “My Old Friend”
    2. George Jones & Kathy Mattea, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”
    3. John Michael Montgomery, “Friends”
    4. Merle Haggard, “Barrom Buddies”
    5. Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, “You Can’t Make Old Friends”
    BONUS: Garth Brooks, “Friends In Low Places”

  2. 1. “Long Lost Friend” – Restless Heart
    2. “Sing Em Good My Friend” – Kenny Chesney
    3. “Heroes and Friends” – Randy Travis
    4. “All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down” – Hank Jr
    5. “Who You’d Be Today” – Kenny Chesney (I don’t normally double up on artists for these…but this warrants mention…it’s one of his best singles.)

    Honorable Mentions:
    “Whenever I Call You Friend” – Michael Johnson/Alison Krauss
    “As Good As I Once Was” – Toby Keith (Due to Toby’s best friend, “Daaaave”)
    “Playboys of The Southwestern World” – (Blak-…uh, well, you all have probably seen his name in print enough the past couple of days, so I’ll forego typing anymore of it. But, I had to mention this song…it’s just pure, stupid fun.)

    And, ditto on the Dan Seals and Don Williams picks.

  3. 1. You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor, Carole King and others (writer – Carole King)
    2. Blue and Brown – Jimmy Wayne, album track on debut album

    “I wore blue and he wore brown
    But we both knew the colors didn’t count
    At the end of the day we’d walk away
    There was no doubt that we were friends for life
    I wore blue and he wore brown”

    3. Saying Goodbye to a Friend – Suzy Bogguss
    4. Whenever I Call You Friend – Melissa Manchester (co-writer – Kenny Loggins)
    5. Lean on Me – Bill Withers

  4. 1. Tim McGraw, “My Old Friend”
    2. John Michael Montgomery, “Friends”
    3. Pam Tillis, “Spilled Perfume”
    4. Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, “You Can’t Make Old Friends”
    5. Linda Ronstadt, “Goodbye My Friend”

    And bonus entry that’s pop but is my most played “friend” song by a wide margin – Madonna, “Best Friend.”

  5. 1. The Traveling Kind: EmmyLou Harris & Rodney Crowell
    *2. Elephant: Jason Isbell
    3. My Old Friend: Tim McGraw
    4. You Can’t Make Old Friends: Kenny Rogers & Dolly Paron
    5 (A). Friends: John Michael Montgomery
    5 (B). All My Rowdy Friends: Hank Williams Jr.

    *Some might not consider Isbell’s “Elephant” a friendship song. True, the two people in the story may be involved in more than a friendship with one another. However, I feel that “Elephant” explores the darker side of two people engaged in a long-term, deep friendship, more so than a boyfriend/girlfriend or spousal relationship. The story examines two friends, one dying of cancer, as they are confronted with the coming end of their physical and emotional friendship. It explores not only the last moments of sorrow that comes with the ending of a human relationship, but also the elation from an emotional high brought on by rekindling old memories and feelings. The song in my mind, though different than your typical “friendship” song, places itself in the category in a different way.

  6. While I like the ones above, here are some more to add on the list:
    1. Old Friends – Roger Miller, Ray Price and Willie Nelson
    2. Touch A Hand, Make A Friend – Oak Ridge Boys
    3. Damn Good Friends – Tyler Farr (w Jason Aldean)
    4. I Miss My Friend – Darryl Worley
    5. You’re My Bestest Friend – Mac Davis

  7. 1. Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’ – Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks
    2. My Best Friend – Tim McGraw
    3. You Were A Good Friend – Kenny Rogers
    4. Friends – Michael W Smith
    5. Friends In Low Places – Garth Brooks

  8. The only one I can think of that hasn’t already been mentioned is Friend by Van Zandt. They actually have two songs with the same title… the one I’m thinking of gets called “My Friend” by lyric websites and the like to differentiate.

  9. My favorite is He Was a Friend of Mine- this traditional has been recorded by many, including Willie Nelson, Nanci Griffith, Bob Dylan, and Dave Van Ronk

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