Daily Top Five: Miranda Lambert

Miranda LambertLater today, we will publish our latest edition of Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists.  The newest entry in our long running series is written by Leeann Ward and will focus on Miranda Lambert.

To whet our appetites, today’s top five asks you to list your five favorite tracks from the award-winning artist.

Here’s my list:

  1. Mama’s Broken Heart
  2. Little Red Wagon
  3. Gunpowder & Lead
  4. Guilty in Here
  5. Two Rings Shy



  1. My favorite Lambert songs, in order:

    5. Me and Your Cigarettes
    4. Platinum
    3. Me and Charlie Talking
    2. All Kinds of Kinds
    1. The House That Built Me

  2. I usually prefer her softer side:

    1. More Like Her
    2. White Liar
    3. Automatic
    4. The House That Built Me
    5. Dead Flowers

  3. In no particular order:
    1. All Kinds of Kinds
    2. Only Prettier
    3. Love is Looking For You
    4. Me and Charlie Talking
    5. Heart Like Mine

  4. I love it when the Daily Top 5 is on something I actually have some knowledge on :)

    I’m not the biggest fan of Lambert, she’s rather hit or miss for me; but when she gets it right, she really gets it right.

    1. “More Like Her”
    2. “Mama’s Broken Heart”
    3. “All Kinds Of Kinds”
    4. “Desperation”
    5 (tie). “Kerosene”
    5 (tie). “Little Red Wagon”

  5. Miranda wrote “Dear Diamond” just after getting engaged to Blake Shelton. Listen to the lyrics again. In light of recent events, the song takes on a whole new meaning.

    1. Dear Diamond
    2. Love Letters
    3. Dry Town
    4. Nobody’s Fool
    5. All That’s Left (another curious song choice in light of recent events)

  6. Will,
    I actually wrote my FSFBA yesterday, but I think you’ll learn that our Miranda tastes are uncannily similar when you see my article this afternoon!

  7. 1. The House That Built Me
    2. Babies Makin’ Babies
    3. Look at Miss Ohio
    4. Dear Diamond
    5. More Like Her

  8. 1. All Kinds of Kinds
    2. There’s a Wall
    3. Greyhound Bound for Nowhere
    4. Babies Making Babies
    5. Bring Me Down

  9. 1. Famous in a Small Town
    2. Guilty in Here
    3. More Like Her
    4. White Liar
    5. All Kinds of Kinds

  10. 1.) The House That Built Me
    2.) Holding On To You (this one seems so sad now)
    3.) Greyhound Bound For Nowhere
    4.) Love Letters
    5.) More Like Her

    Wow, this was hard. I have always liked Miranda, but she can be a hit or miss…especially lately.

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