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Miranda Lambert - The House That Built MeIt would be futile of us to ignore the recent sad news of Miranda Lambert’s and Blake Shelton’s divorce announcement, since it is a reality. We, however, have no desire to participate in the speculation or sensationalism of the news. Instead, it seems most appropriate to put some focus back on the music right about now.

It’s no secret that Miranda Lambert is one of the few mainstream country artists that I enjoy anymore. As I contemplated this FSBFA, I wondered if she would have 25 songs that would warrant such a feature on her, since she’s only released five albums so far. It turns out that, as is the case with every FSBFA feature, not only are there 25 Lambert songs that I love, the 25 slots felt limited, as I had to leave many songs off the list.

So, here are 25 of my favorite Lambert songs in ranked order, including a song from The Pistol Annies and four duets from albums that aren’t her own. As always, we invite you to share your favorite Miranda Lambert songs in the comments.

Miranda Lambert Platinum

“Bathroom Sink”
Platinum (2014)

Lambert brilliantly reflects on how the bathroom sink represents so much vulnerability and reflection for a woman. From the insecurities reflected in the mirror above the sink to keeping the sink clean from the makeup required to feel accepted in a day and all points in between, “Bathroom sink” is ultimately summed up by its killer line, “It’s amazing the amount of rejection that I see in my reflection.”

miranda revolution

“Virginia Bluebell”
Revolution (2009)

Using the symbolism of a Virginia bluebell flower, a pretty flower that looks like a bell and droops, “Virginia Bluebell” is a sweet song that encourages self confidence, “Pretty little thing,/ Sometimes you’ve got to look up/ And let the world see all the beauty that you’re made of/ ‘Cause the way you hang your head, nobody can tell/ You’re my Virginia bluebell.”

Miranda Lambert Platinum

“Gravity is a Bitch”
Platinum (2014)

Written with Scotty Wray, long time Lambert band member and Collin Raye’s brother, “Gravity” is a tongue in cheek account of aging with a saloon vibe: “You can nip it, tuck it, squeeze it, but you’re never gonna beat it.”

62 Miranda Kerosene hi res

“What About Georgia”
Kerosene (2005)

Lambert demonstrated her sharp songwriting prowess from the very beginning of her career. With a lyric like “Your mama’s still the steady ground you walk on every day and your daddy’s still the monkey on your back”, she demonstrated a keen ability to make intriguing observations.

Miranda Lambert Four the Record

“Easy Living”
Four the Record (2011)

This is another song written with Scotty Wray. He’s clearly good at writing songs with funky, interesting grooves.

181 Miranda Crazy

“Gunpowder and Lead”
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

This isn’t a revenge song, it’s a protection song, a song about literally protecting life from an abusive man.

Miranda Lambert Platinum

Platinum (2014)

On “Platinum”, Lambert shows her ability to have a sense of humor and it’s wonderfully evident here in her wry vocal performance. Also, any song that can slip in “irrefutably” automatically earns my attention.

181 Miranda Crazy

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

I had to choose between “Kerosene” and this song, but ultimately chose “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” due to its high octane lyrics, exciting production and Lambert’s fiery performance.

Pistol Annies Annie Up

“Damn Thing”
Annie Up (2013)

There were several Pistol Annies songs that I could have chosen, but Lambert is the sole lead on this track. It’s a catchy bluegrass flavored number that is one of my favorite Pistol Annies songs either way.

miranda revolution

“The House that Built Me”
Revolution (2009)

In a rare event, Lambert was allowed to be quiet for a single and enjoy success with this gut punching piece of nostalgia. As someone who fiercely loves my dog who is nearing 14-years-old, “I bet you didn’t know/ Under that live oak/ My favorite dog is buried in the yard.” is a line that feels raw and all too relatable.

Miranda Lambert Platinum

“Old Shit”
Platinum (2014)

My favorite part of this song is the old time production, but I also appreciate how it celebrates old things without veering into judgment about new things.

Miranda Lambert Four the Record

“All Kinds of Kinds”
Four the Record (2011)

It was bold of Miranda to release this song as a single, but she did, and country music is better for having one more song in a short list of songs that celebrates diversity: “Ever since the beginning, to keep the world spinning, it takes all kinds of kinds.”

181 Miranda Crazy

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

“Throw a dog a bone, I’ll take it if I have to.” is just another example of Lambert’s ability to cleverly turn a phrase.

Blake Shelton Startin' Fires

“Bearskin Rug” (with Blake Shelton)
Startin’ Fires (2008)

She wrote this with Blake Shelton and what a delightfully silly, lascivious song it is!

Justin Moore Off the Beaten Path

“Old Habits” (with Justin Moore)
Off the Beaten Path (2013)

Justin Moore’s performance might make this piano laden ballad song sound more dramatic than if Lambert had done it on her own, but their pronounced twangs work well together to do its job of being a good country weeper.

Miranda Lambert Platinum

Platinum (2014)

Lambert didn’t write this song, but it was written with Shelton’s and her rumor ridden relationship as the inspiration. In the song, Lambert feels an alliance with Priscilla Presley as she notes, “You and me share a unique position, married to a man who’s married to attention.”

181 Miranda Crazy

“More Like Her”
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

Its gentle production with Lambert’s biting lyrics makes one of Lambert’s most vulnerable songs.

Buddy Jewell Buddy Jewell

“Today I Started Loving You Again” (with Buddy Jewell)
Buddy Jewell (2003)

This duet is proof that singing competitions aren’t necessarily something to be offhandedly dismissed, as these two Nashville Star competitors at the very beginning of their recording careers sound as competent as any professional artist.

miranda revolution

“Airstream Song”
Revolution (2009)

In an attempt to write a song reminiscent of her favorite Merle Haggard Song, “The Way I Am”, Lambert’s traditional sensibilities shine as she also checks Emmylou Harris with a reference to being a “red dirt girl.”

Miranda Lambert Platinum

“All That’s Left” (with the Time Jumpers)
Platinum (2014)

A Tom T. Hall song turned into a western swing delight with the Time Jumpers needs no further explanation!

62 Miranda Kerosene hi res

“Mama I’m All Right”
Kerosene (2005)

“Mama I’m All Right” depicts the love and worry from a mother about her independent daughter: “Find her, Jesus. Keep her well and help her do more right than wrong at the end of the day.” It’s also a reassurance from a daughter to her mother that she’s been taught well and is ready to leave the nest into the big open world: “I’m strong just like you prayed I’d be.”

Miranda Lambert Four the Record

“Same Old You”
Four the Record (2011)

Lambert has been a vital advocate and champion of good talent both in country music and it’s big tent of fringe artists. She’s recorded songs from Americana favorites such as Fred Eaglesmith, John Prine, Gillian Welch, Julie Miller, Patty Griffin, Tom T. Hall, among others, including the writer of this song, Brandi Carlile.

With its traditional rendering, “Same Old You” might easily fool you into thinking it’s a typical country shuffle, but this song has got fight and sass to delicious effect: “The same old you couldn’t even raise your voice to ask me to stay./ I wouldn’t anyway./ So you can keep your ring and I’ll keep my daddy’s name.”

181 Miranda Crazy

“Dry Town”
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

Written by Gillian Welch, this song with its cool guitar riffs is simply a fun tune about somebody who is desperate to find a strong drink in a dry town with no luck.

Blake Shelton All About Tonight

“Draggin’ the River” (with Blake Shelton)
All About Tonight (2010)

Since his songs have taken a more pop/R&B turn in the last 8 or so years, some of Blake Shelton’s best musical moments have been when he’s dueted with Lambert. “Draggin’ The River” is a brash account of two young lovers who have hatched a plan to make their parents think that they’ve drowned in order to throw them off of the trail to their actual elopement.” If this sounds juvenile, it certainly is, especially their playful banter at the end of the track. But it’s fun and their performance suggests that they know just how silly the scenario is.

181 Miranda Crazy

“Famous in a Small Town”
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

The title alone makes for clever commentary about small town culture. Lambert sings of the realities of living in a small town with a clear eyed perspective that both embraces it and acknowledges the reality of it. She observes, “Baby, who needs their faces in a magazine?/ Me and you, we’ve been stars in this town since we were seventeen.”

As it is with all of the songs on this list, “Famous in a Small Town”, with it’s sprawling Springsteen influenced sound, is indicative of Lambert’s ability to cleverly capture the realities of life in a small town and in general.

The songs on this list illustrate many things about Miranda Lambert’s talent and musical proclivities. It shows that not only does she have a good ear and sense for legitimate talent, she is also able to put her own songs, whether written with others or written by herself, up against those great and talented songwriters. The melodies and productions are memorable and intriguing and the lyrics that she writes or borrows from others are rarely clichéd, even when the topics are about common things. Additionally, her interpretive skills are strong and on point, which include various shades of vocal nuances.


  1. Good list, but I’m a little bummed at the lack of songs from Kerosene, which as an album I think I like better than Platinum. Songs like There’s a Wall and Greyhound Bound for Nowhere I would rank up there with the best of her catalog.

  2. Well done, Leeann! I especially like your comments on “What About Georgia,” one of my favorite Miranda songs. “Mama, I’m Alright” and “More Like Her” are also at the top of my list, proving that Miranda is one of the few “superstars” in country today who has actually earned it.

  3. If I were to take the time to come up with a full list I’d probably have more from Revolution and less from Platinum. I’ve never understood the hype Platinum gets. It’s not bad, but it’s not the masterpiece critics make it out to be.

  4. I like Miranda Lambert but I think I like her voice and her singing more than I like most of her material – in fact every album has featured a song or two that I did not like. I really can’t come up with but a few favorite songs, but “Famous In A Small Town” and “The House That Built Me” are favorites and nothing else really comes close

  5. “Famous in a Small Town” is my favourite and it’s what got me interested in her music. I also really like “Dry Town,” “Guilty in Here” and “More Like Her” from that album.

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