Single Review: Blake Shelton, “A Guy With a Girl”

“A Guy With a Girl”
Blake Shelton

Written by Ashley Gorley and Bryan Simpson

To his credit, you can always count on Blake Shelton to make competent music that is professionally done.

“A Guy With a Girl” is a well constructed country song with economical writing that communicates the message that it’s trying to send. You get a full picture of the guy who is happy to fade into the background because he’s with a girl that shines so brightly in a crowded room.

Now, it doesn’t have that special something something that elevates it into a truly great song. The concept has been done better many times before, whether it’s with the aw shucks earnestness of Sammy Kershaw’s “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” or the melancholy plot twist of George Strait’s “Meanwhile.”

But it’s a good enough song that is entirely serviceable.

Grade: B


  1. Brad tried this to much greater success with “The Mona Lisa,” and even though I felt like 85% of that song was just filling space around a great hook, it at least HAD a hook. I can’t say the same for this. I’m with Bob on the “ho-hum” reaction.

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