Single Review: Billy Currington, “Do I Make You Wanna”

“Do I Make You Wanna”
Billy Currington

Written by Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, Ashley Gorley, Matt Jenkins

What’s going on with Billy Currington?

He’s a great singer who developed a clearly defined personality on record over the course of his career. His aw shucks country charm, coupled with legitimate vocal talent, has always allowed him to slip convincingly between unabashedly country humor, heartbreak, and romance, tackling all three with authenticity.

So why does he sound like a demo singer pitching material to an artist better suited to sing it? “Do I Make You Wanna” is a weak attempt at being amorous, hobbled by childish ideas of what seduction should look like (“truth or dare”) and suggestions for the evening that are all over the place, ranging from Vegas flights to truck stop scratch-off tickets.

Gone is the Currington who will wait patiently by the turnip truck to see if the gal comes back around, and that’s a shame because nobody besides Currington is able to pull off backwoods charmers like that with the same sincerity.

“Do I Make You Wanna” would have been marginally acceptable on the debut album of an artist still searching for his voice and for access to top drawer material.  Currington is well beyond that status now, and this record is simply beneath his talent.

Grade: C-


  1. I agree with this review. In fact, this could rate in the D category. This is definitely my least favorite single he’s ever put out.

    I also have to wonder like Kevin – what’s going on with BC? One of my favorite current singers in the last decade is regressing and I hate to see that.

  2. He’s STILL releasing singles from Summer Forever? STILL?

    As for the song, I’m reminded of what Jason Isbell tweeted last week: The most offensive music is music designed to offend no one. This is one of those songs.

  3. This album did yield a few good songs – Nowhere Town and It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To are both solid tracks and are both way better than any of his “Drinkin’ Beer” songs….

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