Top-Selling Country Albums of 2009

Here are the top selling country albums of the calendar year 2009.  The number in parentheses is the album’s rank on the overall list encompassing all genres. The totals are rounded to the nearest thousand:

  1. Taylor Swift, Fearless (1) – 3,157,000
  2. Zac Brown Band, Foundation (15) – 1,243,000
  3. Carrie Underwood, Play On (19) – 1,150,000
  4. Rascal Flatts, Unstoppable (21) – 1,123,000
  5. Lady Antebellum, Lady Antebellum (24) – 948,000
  6. Jason Aldean, Wide Open (27) – 940,000
  7. Darius Rucker, Learn to Live (31) – 849,000
  8. Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift (36) – 766,000
  9. Keith Urban, Defying Gravity (38) – 715,000
  10. Sugarland, Love On the Inside (41) – 678,000
  11. Kenny Chesney, Greatest Hits II (54) – 547,000
  12. Tim McGraw, Southern Voice (55) – 547,000
  13. George Strait, Twang (62) – 499,000
  14. Brad Paisley, American Saturday Night (69) – 462,000
  15. Jamey Johnson, That Lonesome Song (71) – 460,000
  16. Carrie Underwood, Carnival Ride (74) – 457,000
  17. Taylor Swift, The Holiday Collection (79) – 425,000
  18. Reba McEntire, Keep On Loving You (93) – 389,000
  19. Rascal Flatts, Greatest Hits Volume 1 (104) – 359,000
  20. Miranda Lambert, Revolution (112) – 334,000
  21. Alan Jackson, Good Time (124) – 311,000
  22. Billy Currington, Little Bit of Everything (125) – 310,000
  23. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Raising Sand (126) – 305,000
  24. Dierks Bentley, Feel That Fire (129) – 298,000
  25. Toby Keith, American Ride (137) – 288,000
  26. Sugarland, Gold and Green (149) – 255,000
  27. Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (158) – 248,000
  28. Sugarland, Live on the Inside (168) – 232,000
  29. Sugarland, Enjoy the Ride (180) – 225,000
  30. Kellie Pickler, Kellie Pickler (190) – 218,000
  31. Various Artists, Now Country Vol. 2 (192) – 214,000
  32. Kenny Chesney, Lucky Old Sun (193) – 219,000


  1. Country Music better hold onto Sugarland, with five albums in the top thirty, they’re one of the genre’s biggest sellers.

    Glad to see Reba on the list, and on the Top 100 of all genres.

    Country music really represented in this year’s top 100 album sales of all genres.

  2. Kinda odd and sad to see Brad Paisley’s album not in the top 10. It was definitely a highlight of the year for Country music. I got my copy on the day it was release in Australia.

    Also, I do think it’s amazing that Fearless continues to sell at such a rate. Quite an achievement. Wonder what 2010 will hold for Country music…

  3. No major shocks here but I am slightly surprised to see some of the bigger selling artists are now Jason Aldean, Lady Antelbellum, Zac Brown Band and Darius Rucker, as well as Unstoppable. I’m sure the low totals and number of catalog titles are worrysome for the troubled industry, however.

  4. I have 9 of the albums. In the good old days, I’d have had probably 25. But thank God for iTunes and singles so I can just get the milk and not the whole cow.

  5. I have 22 of these albums, but can’t say I even come close to liking them all. I bought a few of them when they were the Amazon Daily Deal just to give them a chance, because losing $3.99 or less on an album that I may or may not have liked didn’t seem so bad.

  6. if i saw a $3.99 deal, i’d probably buy more. i wish itunes ran those more often (or publicized them more, maybe, if they do run them)

  7. I have only 7 of these albums and 3 are Sugarland. I try to hear as much of a new cd I may be interested in on-line and if I’m not impressed, like Treacle I buy the song or songs I like on I-Tunes. In a few cases, I have ended up buying a cd that includes a single I already bought.

  8. Same here, CMW. Thank God for freebies for bloggers, or I wouldn’t have but maybe 10 of these albums. And like others said, in the good old days of the mullet and line-dancing, I’d have owned at least half or more …

  9. I only have six and they are all promotional copies we received for review purposes. I would have bought the Strait and Reba albums if we hadn’t gotten the promos, but I would probably have passed over the others.

  10. Pretty good for Tim Mcgraw since his album didn’t come out till October 20th, he still outsold George and Brad and tied Kenny’s album that came out way before his. He is eventually going to past Keith Urban sales I’s sure. Surprise about Toby his album came out two weeks before Tim’s. Have to give kudos to Tim Mcgraw he was the best selling country artists of the decade and number three is ALL of music with right around 25 million. What is impressive he did that even though Kenny and Toby released about 5 more albums than Tim.

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