The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 3

Today’s category is..

A Song That Makes You Happy.

Here are the staff picks:

Tara Seetharam: “Born to Fly” – Sara Evans

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my adolescence, or maybe it’s because it represents to me the last batch of great 90s-esque country music – but this song makes my heart smile.

Kevin Coyne: “Up!” – Shania Twain

Perhaps too obvious a choice, but its the best representation of Twain’s patented positivity.  The book and reality show are great, but I really hope she gets back in the studio soon!

Leeann Ward: “Say Hey (I Love You)” – Michael Franti & Spearhead

This song simply makes me too happy to put it in the Guilty Pleasure category. It’s lightweight and corny, but it’s infectious and vibrant too.

Dan Milliken: “The Magic Position” – Patrick Wolf

It’s like if you could listen to a rainbow – one with a pot of gold. Big, romantic, and catchy, with hand claps and foot stomps and only a teeny smidgen of indie irony. (Not as dirty as the title might suggest, either.) Well worth YouTubing if you haven’t heard it.


  1. “Safe In The Arms of Love” by Martina McBride always seems to make me happy and hopeful. As she has said before, “it’s pure ear candy”.

  2. “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz

    It’s the epitome of a feel good, happy song. Whenever I have a bad day, it’s the first song that I have play to turn it all around.

    Country wise, I’d say George Strait’s “Carrying Your Love With Me.” There’s just something special about that song.

  3. “Something Like That” – Tim McGraw

    Just too many good memories associated with that one not to make me smile every time I hear it.

  4. “I Take My Chances” by Mary Chapin Carpenter and her other hit “The Hard Way” were right up there for me. I went with “Chances”

  5. I’ve enjoyed following this the last few days. A song that makes me happy is Josh Turner’s Everything is Fine.

  6. Vince Gill’s “Feels Like Love”, Luke Bryan’s
    Baby’s On the Way” and Brad Paisley’s “Wrapped Around” and instrumental “Huckleberry Jam” are some of my “happy songs”. I have a “happy playlist”, so it’s hard to pick just one song. Shania Twain’s “Up” is up there for me too :D

  7. “Up!” and “Born to Fly” are way up there on my list too, especially with me being such a big fan of both Shania and Sara.

    A few others that come to mind are Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue,” LeAnn Rimes’ “One Way Ticket,” Faith Hill’s “This Kiss,” and Patty Loveless’ “Timber I’m Falling In Love.” They all have great catchy singalong choruses. Great songs for blasting out your car windows!

    Pam Tillis’s “Deep Down” might seem like an odd choice since, lyrically speaking, it’s not a happy song, but there’s just something about the melody, arrangement, and Pam’s performance… anyway, it’s a sad song that makes me happy.

  8. “This Kiss”, Faith Hill

    “Rock Me”, LeAnn Rimes (I won’t tell you what I thought she was singing, lol)

    totally agree w/Born to Fly and Up :)

  9. (non-country) “I Love Onions” by Susan Christie

    (country) “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” by Tracy Lawrence

  10. Safe in the arms of Love always makes me happy. So does Carrie’s This Time. Some Day you gotta Dance by the Dixie Chicks also makes me happy!

  11. Faith Hill- The lucky one
    Gene Autry- Don’t fence me in
    The Knack- My sharona
    Abba- Dancing Queen
    Tim McGraw – Set this circus down
    Men at work- down under
    James Reyne- Any day above ground
    Hank Snow – Auctioneer song
    Roger Miller- King of the road
    Vanessa Amerosi- Absolutely Everybody
    Motown songs

  12. Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue”, especially when accompanied by its music video just makes me inexplicably happy!

  13. Going back to the late 1960s for this one:

    “Alice’s Restaurant”–Arlo Guthrie (easily the most hilarious and topical protest song of its time [IMHO]).

  14. Cranberries “Dreams”
    OMC “How Bizare”

    Brooks and Dunn “My Maria”
    Kenny Chesney “I Go Back”

  15. Non-Country Pick: My Girl by the Temptations. Growing up where I have (Motown) I’ve always held a soft-spot for this song. It’s sweet, a bit of a sap dripper but really makes a personal connection between the listener and the music. This is a love song that everyone can get in on.

    Country-Pick: Take This Job and Shove it by Johnny Paycheck.

  16. “Come on Over” -Shania Twain
    –its positive message with the according and steel: pure country.

    “Fishing in the Dark”
    -great summer song.

  17. Oh, and George Strait’s version of “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven”! His Jamaican ad-libbing at the end is PRICELESS! :^)

  18. In terms of country music, my pick for this day would be “A Boy Named Sue” by the Man In Black.

  19. Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You”. “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland. “Ole Red” by Blake Shelton

  20. Some others:

    Carrie- “All-American Girl” & “Songs Like This”
    Luke Bryan- “Rain Is A Good Thing” & “Someone Else Callin’ You Baby”
    Sugarland- Settlin’ & “Down In Mississippi”
    “Everything” Micheal Bubble
    Miranda Lambert- “Famous In A Small Town” & “Guilty In Here”
    Dixie Chicks- “Wide Open Spaces” & “There’s Your Trouble.”
    Rascal Flatts- “Red Camero, “Shine On” & “Why Wait”
    SheDaisy- “Mine All Mine”

  21. George Strait – “Ocean Front Property”, “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”, “Blue Clear Sky”

    Clint Black – “Better Man”, “State of Mind”

    All great songs

  22. Non-country pick: Beautiful Day, U2

    Country pick: All Over Me, Josh Turner. Total guilty pleasure ear cotton candy. Love it.

  23. A large amount of Reba songs make me super happy, but my number one pick would be the Chick’s “Long Time Gone” Best. Ever. :)

  24. One song that comes to my mind is “Never Had It So Good” by Jessica Andrews. It’s on her “Who I Am” album, but in my opinion it’s even better than the title track. Do yourself a favor and check it out! Jessica is the most underrated artist in the history of country music, and this album has way more to offer than just the one song that everyone knows.

  25. “My Girl” by The Tempations and “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies were the first that came to mind. There are also dozens from Toby, George Strait, and Joe Diffie.

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