Picking the CMA Nominees: Entertainer of the Year

As we did last year, it’s time to share our preferences for this year’s CMA Awards.  Last year, Taylor Swift was the belle of the ball, winning four awards.  Some long winning streaks came to an end, as Swift replaced both Kenny Chesney as Entertainer of the Year and Carrie Underwood as Female Vocalist of the Year.  Lady Antebellum ended Rascal Flatts’ long run as top Vocal Group, and were the surprise winners of Single of the Year as well.

Once again.  I’ve selected the five artists that I believe are most deserving of an Entertainer of the Year nomination.  But first, let’s take a look at last year’s race:

Entertainer of the Year (2009)

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Brad Paisley
  • George Strait
  • Taylor Swift
  • Keith Urban

Swift was victorious in her first nomination in this category.  She competed against three previous winners:  Kenny Chesney, who has gone 4 for 8 in this category;  Keith Urban, who is 1 for 5; and the incomparable George Strait, who is 2 for 17.  Brad Paisley lost for the fifth year, tying Kenny Rogers for the most nominations without a win.

As the numbers above show, this has been a largely static category for the past ten years.  Only thirteen artists earned nominations from 2000-2009. The CMA noms can be very predictable.

But looking at radio and retail these days, there’s been a big changing of the guard.  I think that this category more than any other should reflect that.  I’m putting my personal tastes aside here, as there are only two artists I list that I actually listen to regularly.

Entertainer of the Year (2010)

The nominees should be:

Lady Antebellum

Their second album has already spent 25 weeks at #1, and “Need You Now” was such a big hit that it’s led to pop airplay for “I Run to You”, the award-winning hit from their debut album.  It would be an early nomination in terms of their career, but Alabama and Dixie Chicks were elevated to this category even faster, so there’s precedent for vocal groups.

Miranda Lambert

She’s always had the critical success, and she’s always sold records.  But she’s selling them a heck of a lot faster these days and radio is suddenly, shockingly, spectacularly on board.  It’s time for the CMA to catch up with the ACM, who have been away ahead in acknowledging this artist.

Taylor Swift

Being nominated the year after winning is not a given, but it’s the norm.  While it was common in the seventies, it’s been very rare in recent years.  Shania Twain (1999) was the last winner to not receive another nomination the following year, with the others being:  Dolly Parton (1978), Mel Tillis (1976), John Denver (1975), and Charlie Rich (1974).

So she’s probably a lock for a nomination, and she deserves one. Though things have been quiet on the Swift front for the past couple of months, she had a massive tour and sold a ton of records during the eligibility period.

Carrie Underwood

She really should be enjoying her third nomination this year, but a (flimsy) case could be made for her not making the ballot in 2008 and 2009. But no nomination this year would be inexcusable. She had a very successful tour, continued to dominate radio, and her third album is quickly approaching double platinum.  At this point, she shouldn’t just get a nomination. She should win.

Zac Brown Band

Their live performances are well-regarded, radio is fully on board, and their first major label album is double platinum.  A case could be made for Brad Paisley getting this spot, but sales of his new album have fallen quite a bit short of previous efforts.  The same goes for other perennial nominees Keith Urban, George Strait, and Kenny Chesney.

So those are my five choices. What are yours?


  1. I enjoy your picks, they make a lot of sense regarding recent months, I must say, that even though you already have the answer to my point, I still think that Swift has been almost nonexistant in the recent months and does not warrent a nomination (or a win, if she so happens to get nominated), at least in my opinion.

    I absolutely agree that Underwood should have been nominated the past two years, but the third time’s the charm!!

    My picks:

    -Carrie Underwood.
    Besides continually being an ambassador to Country Music, she consistantly manages to achieve success on the pop and country charts, with material that is sometimes better than even her more experienced counterparts.

    -Lady Antebellum.
    As much as I hate to say it (even though they’ve had a few choice songs), they have been one of the other genre mainstays in Country music, and they’ve been able to crossover to pop, as well; making them one of the more prominant figures in country music today.

    -Miranda Lambert.
    Her artistry and vocal talents have made Lambert rise to the top and become one of the biggest hitmakers for country music in the past year, with a 4 week #1 (and two other good singles), she has a good chance at being nominated for this award; but she’s a cinch for female vocalist.

    I can’t think of any two others that really deserve it, with the exeception of a few others. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the CMAs sneak in Chesney as a nominee. What would surprise me is if the CMAs go with Kevin’s list and have a field that is mostly female, which would be fantastic btw. I will say that I am rooting for Underwood all the way, she is long overdue.

    I could see ZBB getting nominated (it would make sense if they did), but I don’t know if they still will be able to get nominated, at least in my book. What would really throw me for a loop is if Reba McEntire gets a nom (long shot, I know, but she is the only one (including Lambert and Josh Turner) to get a 4 week #1), but I guess just going on those alone wouldn’t be enough, I guess. [although, she did have that tour with George Strait, and brought the house down (this was pre-“Radio”), so maybe.. I’ll shut up now. ;)

  2. I agree that underwood and swift will get nominations but I’m not so sure about the rest.Although Miranda Lambert has two recent number one singles she does not have an arena tour yet. I think we’ll see Brad Paisley and George Strait as two of the other nominees. Strait has had a successful year singles and album wise as well as one of the top grossing tours.I think the last selection will go to Keith Urban although I don’t understand why Toby Keith doesn’t have a chance as he’s had a largely overlooked big year too.

  3. Kevin, outside of Swift, I couldn’t agree more with this list. For me, Lambert, Lady A, and the Zac Brown Band have had tremendous years, and have released some really good singles. While they might not be headling arenas, I think they’ve released the best music out of all the mainstream acts this year. While I haven’t loved all of Underwood’s work, she clearly has the album sales, number ones, and touring stats to secure a nomination, and she probably has the best resume out of anyone. Swift has been too quiet for me this year, but I’m not really sure who I’d give that last spot to. Strait probably makes the most sense, since he toured more than usual in the past year, and grossed quite of bit of money doing so.

    Unfortunately, I think the CMA will probably stick with the status quo, and you’ll see Chesney, Paisley, Strait, and Urban along with Carrie. Furthermore, while I think Carrie probably deserves it, I could see Paisley walking away with the trophy. He tours year-round, has a lot of support within the CMA, and could gain from a sympathy vote for having so many nominations and not ever winning the big one. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, because I really don’t think he deserves it this year.

  4. Wow, three females and two groups – not a single solo male act. That would really be something. I would probably switch out the Zac Brown Band with Brad Paisley. Granted, songs like “Water” are not quite award-worthy, but I think there’s a good chance he’ll be nominated anyway.

    Among your picks, I think Miranda Lambert is the one who has released the best material during the eligibility period. I can’t say how many nominations/awards she’ll get this year, but after releasing songs like “White Liar” and “The House That Built Me,” I am quite sure that she will not walk away empty-handed.

  5. I like the changing of the guard idea, I don’t think the CMA will go for it. I fully expect Brad and George to get in on this with Carrie. Lady A seems like a natural fit to the category and the CMA likes them. Chesney still has a shot with his touring from last summer in the eligibility period. I dont think Miranda is at the entertainer level yet but I got a feeling she will sweep and is possibly a lock 4 other categories.

  6. I don’t know if it matters or will be remembered, but Carrie also had that two hour “holiday” special and HIMYM acting gig.

  7. Carrie Underwood- deserves to WIN!!! Very Very successful year!
    Brad Paisley
    Keith Urban

    Not sure about other nominees (it’s between Zac Brown Band, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and George Strait).

    I don’t think Miranda or Lady A will be nominated this year.

  8. As much as I would love to see the changing of the guard represented in this category, I doubt it will happen.

    I think we’ll for sure see Brad and George back in the race, which I think wouldn’t be undeserved because Brad has had a successful tour as well as George with his tour with Reba.

    I also think Carrie is a lock for a nomination and I think she’ll replace Taylor this year. That leaves two spots open. I think one spot will go to either Kenny or Keith just because I think replacing three of the usual four (Chesney, Paisley, Strait, Urban) nominees might be too much of a change. I have a feeling that the last spot could go to Lady Antebellum. Yes they lack the touring most of the other nominees have but so did Sugarland when they received their nomination a couple years ago. I think having one of the biggest singles of the year, in any genre, and the top selling album of the year should be enough to get them in. They are the face of country music nowaday and I think they deserve a nomination.

    As far as any dark horses that could sneak in, I think the only ones who have a remote chance at getting in are the Zac Brown Band and Miranda Lambert. Aside from the artists mentioned above, they’ve had the most successful years with Miranda finally getting the recognition she deserves.

    I think this will be an interesting category to keep an eye on and I personally can’t wait to see who the final five, I’m assuming the CMA will stick with five, nominees are.

  9. Carrie HAS to win!!!
    My top 5:

    Carrie Underwood: Let’s fac it…it’s just her year!!!

    Miranda Lambert: A nice break-out year…MAYBE a wwinner for female vocalist….but that award would most likely go to Underwood…but if Carrie doesn’t win FVOTY, it WILL go to Lambert.

    Lady A: A nice break-out year for them too, but need to pay some more dues to win, here. I think that was the problem with Swift winning…she really didn’t pay enough dues (in my opinion) to win. Lady A is a LOCK for VGOTY.

    Brad Paisley: Another great year! If Carrie and Miranda don’t win for EOTY, I would like to see Brad win it!!!

    Taylor Swift: A good year…she’s been quiet. She probably won’t win back-to-back, though. For some reason, I just don’t see that happening. With Underwood having such a wonderful year – espaecially with her tour – I just don’t see Swift winning!!!

  10. I don’t think these will be the nominees at all. And I believe the author is just saying Carrie SHOULD win because if he doesn’t he knows he’d be bombarded with hate mail. LOL.

    Really, Taylor should repeat a win WAY before Carrie she win. IMO, Carrie already had her ETOTY gift when she won at the ACM’s earlier this year without a tour to speak.

    Since the eligibility period Taylor has done the following:

    Won the Grammy for Album of the Year (First country solo artist to ever win there)

    She topped the forbes 100 list for country artist (a list that carrie dropped off for 2010….if Carrie’s year was so successful with her tour and all why did she drop off for 2010 especially since she had about 30-40 concerts during the period.

    Taylor had the #3 tour for all genre’s combined as well as the #3 selling album through june 2010 behind only Lady and ZBB.

    Carrie on the other hand.

    Dropped off the forbes 100
    Had the #15 tour for all genre’s combined
    hasn’t won any grammy for any album she’s ever produced
    Had the #4 selling country album (behind taylor, lady A and ZBB)
    Her album had really bad critical reviews

    The positives for carrie is that she’s had a few #1 singles but her sales and concert numbers should be higher then Taylor if you say she should win over her.

    Again, I believe the author is just afraid to say anything against Carrie but the facts are the facts.

  11. Willis– Kevin is a very unbiased writer who is expressing HIS opinion, he is not saying Underwood should win just because he doesn’t want to be hit with hate mail, he is just expressing that he believes that Underwood should win because she has been long overdue with a nomination and has been more prominant at radio than Swift in the past year. However, everyone’s opinion is respected here at CU.

  12. He’s sounds very biased in this article. He seems like he’s trying to downplay Taylor’s success in 2010 and hype Carrie, to me he’s just trying to cater to her fans and keep them happy.

    I would like to also ask the author of this article something.

    You make it seem as if this is Carrie’s breakout and most successful year.

    What about the forbes 100 list? Honestly, I was very surprised when she wasn’t listed for 2010. Especially since all I hear is how many albums Carrie has sold and how well her concerts are doing during the past year.

    The only country artists who made the forbes 100 for 2010 were. Kenny, Taylor, Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. Where is Carrie? So can we please stop acting as if this is Carrie’s most successful or breakout year? The breakout years belong to Lady A and Miranda Lambert and the most successful country artist for 2010 was still Taylor Swift and that is just a fact. She had the top country tour, she was the top country artist listed on the forbes 100 and that list includes EVERYONE in entertainment from Music, Acting Sports, broadcasting, etc.

    One of the qualifications for CMA entertainer is that the winner is to be a representation for ALL OF entertainment, not just country music. DId you even know Carrie fell off the Forbes 100 list? If not, maybe before you write articles proclaiming what a power year she’s had make sure it’s at least true.

    I’m not saying Carrie won’t be nominated I’m saying it’s pretty interesting that you think she should win just because and you really list nothing to back it up. She should win only if she’s at the top of her game and her numbers aren’t even what they were just 1 year ago. I think Lady A and Miranda Lambert deserve a nomination over Carrie for the simple fact they are actually having breakout years and their biggest years every. Carrie? Not so much.

    People who support Carrie keep saying Taylor’s had a “quiet” year. Yet, even being “quiet” Taylor has still managed to be the top country artist and had her biggest year yet in 2010. And 2011 looks like it might be bigger with a new album on the horizon. You can’t honestly think she shouldn’t repeat before Carrie would win.

    Author if you want and think Carrie should win that’s all fine and dandy but it is unfair for you to try to act blinded by the success of others. Carrie should win on her own merits and others achievements should not be downplayed to make Carrie appear to have had the more successful because again, all one would need to do is look at the forbes 100 to know Carrie’s year isn’t all that huge.

  13. Something tells me that being on the Forbes list isn’t a criteria for this award. Nor do I think the voters care about the Forbes list. They probably don’t have a clue who was on the list.

  14. I can think of nothing I’m less interested in than being pulled into a Taylor vs. Carrie flame war.

    But for the record, I thought Taylor Swift deserved to win CMA Entertainer of the Year last year. I also think she should be nominated again this year, and if she isn’t, it will be because she’s kept a low profile very recently, when voters are filling out their ballots. It won’t be because she doesn’t deserve it.

    I do believe that this is the year that Underwood should win, but that’s my personal opinion. A strong case could be made for Swift as well. And Lady Antebellum, for that matter.

  15. Willis –> Lady A. and Taylor Swift sells more records and tickets to their shows because they remix their songs to pop radio, therefore they have more exposure. So they have pop fans and country fans buying their records and going to their shows. I respect Underwood and Lambert for not doing it. You can praise Swift as much as you want to but she still can’t sing. I believe that’s the reason her new album will be called “Speak now”.

  16. Since when does being on the Forbes list matter in this category? I’m pretty sure Entertainer of the Year has nothing to do with earnings. Let’s face it, Taylor got a huge boost last year from the whole VMA thing…I mean they mentioned like what, 3 times during last year’s show?? Obviously that played a big part in her sweeping the show, but I’m not saying that’s the only reason she won.

  17. This is country’s biggest award category but also it’s most meaningless (at least in recent years).
    If it takes smoke and mirrors to entertain, then one really isn’t an entertainer.

    If this award is about true ability to entertain, then the nominees should be Brad Paisley, Asleep At The Wheel, Willie Nelson, Keith Urban and Alan Jackson (or maybe Jimmy Buffett/The Time Jumpers or Zac Brown Band).

    If ability to entertain without gimmicks is but a minor consideration (as is evidently the case) , then Kevin’s preferences are as good as any, although Brad Paisley really does belong on the list

  18. @Willis

    One of the qualifications for CMA entertainer is that the winner is to be a representation for ALL OF entertainment, not just country music. DId you even know Carrie fell off the Forbes 100 list?

    I’m not sure how you define representation for ALL of entertainment as being on the Forbes list?

    Anyways, it appears to me that you believe the Entertainer of the Year award to be in essence, a numbers game. If that is truly reality, then I would wonder why they even bother to hold a vote?

    I am attempting not to make this a Taylor vs. Carrie discussion but I must add that you seem to have left off quite a few high profile achievements that Carrie has had over the past voting year.

  19. The point about begrudging another artists success is interesting to me, mainly because I think that’s how a lot of people feel about Carrie’s success in country music as a female artist.

    She’s proven her talent time and time agan, yet it always seems people want to constantly criticize her for factors she has no control over.

    She’s a talented young woman who’s still trying to find her voice and style as an artist, and she hasn’t fully developed her vision as an artist.

    Carriie has always recording music that’s true to her life and vision as an artist, but I feel like a lot of people tend to overlook that and only focus on her great voice- but not her journey as an artist.

    People seem to forget Carrie has only been a proffesional recording artist for five years- she had never perfected her craft or gotten to try to polish the craft of songwriting or performing like so many of her peers.

    Listening to “Some Hearts” and “Play On,” I think Carrie has shown an amazing amount of growth that she’s not given nearly enough credit for. She contributed her own words to every song on this album, and you can tell who she is through the album- something that was pretty vacant in her last two albums.

    I agree that most of her material is mediocre at best- but I believe she works hard to be the artist SHE wants, and I respect that. She has been influenced by everyone from Randy Travis and Dolly Parton to Rascal Flatts, Garth, and Shania, and her music showcases everything she loves. She is a country-pop artist who is influenced by lots of different artists- some of whom record vapid material also.

    Carrie has always wanted to be contemporary country- if she was going to be a classic country artist, she would’ve done so.

    I don’t understand why Carrie is critized for being the artist she is- why aren’t we asking the same growth of other women like Martina, Taylor, and so many others?

  20. For the first time, ever with the CMA i am prediciting a female will win this year. I dont see Miranda being nominated, but I do see Swift and Underwood getting and nom, and it is Underwood’s turn to win it.

  21. The CMA EOTY is NOT for the entire entertainment field! It is for all ASPECTS of the entertainment field. Specifically, the criteria is included below. And as such, I did not see Taylor contributing to the country music image. She definitely has contributed to the pop music image. Taylor should not be nominated this year.

    The criteria for Entertainer of the Year are:

    This award is for the act displaying the greatest competence in all aspects of the entertainment field. Voter should give consideration not only to recorded performance, but also to the in-person performance, staging, public acceptance, attitude, leadership, and overall contribution to the Country Music image. Award to artist.

  22. For all that Carrie Underwood had accomplished in 2007/8 and 2008/9, and still get snubbed, I do not see why Miranda should be nominated this year for EOTY. She hasn’t even headlined a tour yet.

    If Carrie is snubbed again this year, then it is surely a travesty.

  23. “The CMA EOTY is NOT for the entire entertainment field! It is for all ASPECTS of the entertainment field.”

    ALL ASPECTS of Entertainment. To me that means they want the biggest star out there. Were it not for Taylor, they wouldn’t have had anyone near the top 10 on the forbes 100.

    “And as such, I did not see Taylor contributing to the country music image. She definitely has contributed to the pop music image. Taylor should not be nominated this year.”

    Well they certainly had no problems accepting her 500K when Nashville Flooded. So thank the pop world then because Taylor’s pouring her money into Nashville. To me, it seems she’s trying to do as for Nashville as she can. Pouring that type of money into a town is pretty great for country music. So saying you saw her do nothing for country music, that in and of itself is a lie or you are just deluded to the facts. And the fact that she has a great image even if she’s a successful crossover artist, you can’t deny that helps country music. Unlike Lady Gaga who goes to baseball games half naked, giving the finger to the camera, Taylor keeps it classy and that is a GREAT reflection on country music IN THE POP WORLD. Just how is Taylor Swift hurting Country music by be a highly successful crossover artist? LOL that’s insane.

    If you don’t believe Taylor is going to be nominated you are in for a huge upset. She’s basically on an off year and she was still tops. She’s already been nominated for all the other country music awards earlier this year, swept the country field at the grammy awards and though she didn’t win at the ACM’s she was still nominated on what was an off year for her. With a new album on the horizon right when the CMA’s take place and with possibilities of her selling 700K or more, she is a lock for not only a nomination but for a repeat WIN. I am far more confident of a win since this is not fan manipulated.

    Anyway, I’m done here. Looking at this author’s more recent articles it is clear that he is a huge Carrie fan (probably a member of one of her fan boards). I just wanted to take off those rose colored glasses that everyone is wearing up in here and post some real hard facts.

  24. I’m a bit disappointed that no one’s mentioned Reba – THE finest entertainer of our time, IMO. (Erik)

    I did suggest that Reba could get nominated, considering her recent success at radio (and as i mentioned earlier, being 1 of only 3 artists to get a 4 week #1 in 2010), her latest album going gold, and her tour with George Strait. I would love nothing more than to see Reba nominated, but I think she’s probably not anywhere near the CMA voters list of potential nominees though. However, I would love to be proved wrong.

  25. I also would love to see Reba nominated. She’s put out some good songs this year like “Consider Me Gone” and “I Keep On Lovin’ You.” But then she released “Turn On the Radio,” which could hurt her chances. Even if she doesn’t receive an Entertainer of the Year nomination, I’m quite sure she will at least be nominated for Female Vocalist, and possibly a few other categories as well.

  26. I’m gonna go with;


    To take the prize I’m sticking with Carrie. She’s been snubbed for the nom before and I don’t think she could be denied a nom or the win this time.

    She has achieved and contributed the most in country music the past four years but especially the last year. It’s not about how much of your money you donated (by the most don’t announce an amount unless they are looking for publicity) but how you donate your time and effort towards the country community. Like playing at the Opry whenever you are asked or participating in city of hope softball challenge, performing at flood relief concerts, performing on Faith’s Christmas foster child special, having a holiday special of your own, being honored to be asked to perform for the Micheal Jackson tribute at the Grammys. All the while staying humble and grounded.

    There are too many reasons to mention why she deserves this award this year, but I can admit without cutting Taylor down is that she deserved it last year.

    Give credit where credit is due!

  27. … nominated will be:

    brad paisley, reba, carrie underwood, taylor swift, lady a.

    and the winner will be: brad paisley

    you cannot make an outstanding case for any of them. therefore, brad paisley, who is long overdue to win this award will take it home this year.

    however, any of the other nominees would be deserving winners too.

  28. I wouldn’t gripe about the post’s ballot, but I’ll believe in a complete overhaul when I see it. The only acts I think will have been robbed if they’re not nominated are Carrie and ZBB. I guess Lady A, too, but I like them significantly less.

  29. I guess Lady A, too, but I like them significantly less.

    I don’t agree…I love me some Lady A, but I think they’ll be squeaking by if they get a nom. They certainly won’t be robbed if they don’t get one.

    I’ve been on the Brad EOTY train for the past couple of awards shows, but this award season I fully back Carrie. She deserves this nom and win.

  30. Agree that Underwood should win, and I think will win. But Paisley actually might end up in the role of an underdog with the year Carrie has had, and that might help him get the award. Back-to-back wins by the ladies would be something. And Swift may be ready for another monster year in 2011 with her new CD coming out. Hmm, a female “three-peat” on the horizon?

  31. Pete Says:
    “I do not see why Miranda should be nominated this year for EOTY. She hasn’t even headlined a tour yet.”

    Well, Pete she actually has headlined a tour. It was her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour, and she is even headlining again this fall with the Revolution Tour: CMT On Tour. Now, EOTY nomination would be awesome but I believe next year, she will have a better and stronger chance of getting nominated for entertainer.

  32. Pete Says:
    “I do not see why Miranda should be nominated this year for EOTY. She hasn’t even headlined a tour yet.”

    Furthermore, She just hasn’t headlined a big arena tour yet.

  33. Actually Miranda is headlining the CMT on Tour, and she headlined a small tour this year around country festivals and intimate arenas.

    I think this is the perfect list, Kevin.

    Lady Antebellum, I’d be surprised if they WEREN’T on here. They seem to be cleaning up in country music, everyone loves them. haha.

    Miranda Lambert’s gotten REALLY big really fast, kind of like Lady A., and country music critics and fans and radio really loves her new album, plus like I previously mentioned: her tour spots and such. Plus she’s getting all these awards lately, she’s definitely on country music fans’ minds.

    Taylor Swift. She’s Taylor Swift. She’s had a relatively quiet year this year, with her last two singles not hitting the top of the charts, but she’s had a successful tour and movie roles and album sales. I think last year was her YEAR, and when her new CD comes out, she’ll start winning more awards. As a big Swift fan, I’m pulling for her, but I can understand her not taking it this year.

    Carrie Underwood, country radio loves her. Tabloids love her. Country fans love her. Radio loves her. Critics love her. “Undo It” and “Temporary Home” were big hits this year, and her tour was reasonably successful. She’s like country music’s golden woman at the moment, so I think she has a spot here. Plus with “Some Hearts” just getting that huge award for all its sales…

    Zac Brown Band, they’re getting big fast too. I think they might be the ones snubbed, and substituted with one of the favorites (Brad, Keith, George), but I think they deserve the nomination more than any of those three.

  34. My predictions for the nominees:

    -Zac Brown Band
    -Taylor Swift
    -Carrie Underwood
    -Lady Antebellum
    -Miranda Lambert or Brad Paisley
    I really can’t decide between the last two. They’ve each had equally successful years, and I love them both. I’d rather see Miranda get the nod, though. This really was her ultimate breakout year. “Revolution” has done new wonders for her career.

    The winner should be and will be Carrie Underwood. She’s been on top of the world in 2010. Lady A seems like the only other stiff competitor for Carrie. Miranda has had a great year, but not as big as Lady A and Carrie. ZBB has been pretty level with Miranda in terms of success this past year. They haven’t done anything standout like Carrie or Lady A. Taylor Swift may have a slight chance because she’s the reigning champ, but she hasn’t done anything spectacular to earn the title a second year in a row. The last big things she did was sell out Gillette Stadium and win 4 Grammys. Yes, those are both huge milestones, but when you put those 2 milestones into perspective with the things Carrie has done (Superbowl National Anthem, sold out Lavell Stadium, 13 #1s, 2-time ACM EOTY, How I Met Your Mother, Soul Surfer (new movie), etc.), she doesn’t have the momentum to live up to the status. Plus, her past two singles, “Fifteen” and “Fearless”, tanked on the charts (for Taylor, at least).

    Carrie Underwood is the clear nominee and the clear winner. Let’s just hope that Swift isn’t awarded the vocalist award again — what a mistake THAT was.

  35. I think lady A Kenny C Miranda L George S deserve to be nominated NOT TAYLOR OR CARRIE two FRODS and FAKES. I think Lady A or Kenny or Miranda deserves it. NOT Barbie Or a thin version of jessica Simpson.

  36. Olivia — wow.

    Seeing as Kenny did absolutely NOTHING during the eligibilty period (he stated back in 2009 that 2010 was going to be his year off), he won’t get a nod.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but expect Carrie and Taylor to be in the final round this year.

  37. I have to give this author credit. He got nearly all the nominations correct for EOTY. With the exception of Carrie and Taylor. I thought Taylor would get nominated simply because she was reigning and IMO she had a huge year. BUt hey she’s only 20 and not male so another nomination this year on what most considered an “off” year could have been a bit much. People kept saying she was quiet but I don’t see having the #1 country tour and #3 country album quiet. But anyway it’s nice to see new people nominated. Carrie? I’m not surprised I told you she was nearly shut out with taylor at the ACM awards so it would be a stretch for her to win at the CMA’s since it’s not fan voted. So I was right on that point. Happy for Miranda Lambert though her profile is going to be huge and she will most definitely out sell Carrie’s latest album likely before the end of the year.

    To be honest, I think Carrie’s fans going around saying Taylor did “nothing” during the voting period kind of hurt Taylor. They likely just threw both of them of the window for new blood.

  38. Lady A is the best country act in years!! I never was a country fan until they came along.
    Zac needs to lose the headgear, and his “Toes” song is disgusting.

  39. Taylor, needs to get singing lessons. Im not impressed by her voice. She can’t hold a note if it had a handle on it. How do county folks allowed her to partake in country music. How can she compare with our country legends. Not anywhere close. Make another category just for her and teenage kids.

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